In the North-West of Moscow there was a major fire at the warehouse of Tushinsky machine-building plant. The fire area has made 15 thousand square meters, informs the Agency “Moscow” with reference to a source in emergency services of the city. According to the TV channel “Moscow 24″, the plant was visible “pillar of fire” and black smoke. At 0:17 – after 3.5 hours after the start of rescue reported about the localization of fire. There were no injuries. The source of Interfax said that this fire is the largest in the capital over the past 25 years.

The head of the press service of EMERCOM in Moscow Oksana Zolotov at 0:30 said that the elimination of fire is expected to take a few more hours.

The message about the fire in the MOE, as stated on the website of a capital Central Board of the Ministry, entered at 20:40. 20:55 the fire was given the second rank number class of danger. 21:22 – third, but at 22:00 – fourth. Thus the highest rank is the fifth, which is characterized by a very complex situation when fighting. Later it became known that in 22.19 rank was reduced to second.

It was initially reported that the flames spread to two neighboring office buildings, but then denied this information. The fire was so intense that part of the design of the warehouse collapsed. The area of collapse is 1000 square meters.

In the MOE say that the plant burning warehouses with household cleaning products. Source of “Interfax” in city services announced that the container with paint or gas began to explode. To prevent further explosions from the burning building made 19 barrels of technical oil. Also being evacuated of construction equipment parked near the building.

The warehouse where the fire occurred, is a five-storey building. It is located at the address: street novoposelkovaja, house 6, building 40. The nearest underground station to this building is Skhodnenskaya. Judging by the images, published by the Agency “Moscow”, the fire is observed on the upper floors, complicating the work of emergency workers.

Source TASS reported that the plant is one of the enterprises of defense industry, but from further declined to comment. According to another source, the lighted building was formerly a workshop, where they assembled the space Shuttle “Buran”, now it is used as a warehouse for storage of household chemicals.

In the emergency services of the city said to “Interfax”, the fire is not threatening residential areas, because the fire occurred in an industrial zone. However, already began to receive messages that residents of the North-West of Moscow are complaining about a pungent smell from the fire.

Moreover, to the place of fire arrived the laboratory of the main Department, to determine how heavily contaminated the air. But the MOE has said that the health of the residents of the neighbouring houses burning building is not in danger.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. The TV channel LifeNews , without reference to the source reports that the fire broke out once on the first floor until after the accident, unidentified blew up a tank of gasoline. Because on-site buildings in a large amount was fuel and lubricants, flame spread very rapidly.

In a press-service of the Moscow police has toldthat has already begun check upon a fire. The police did not exclude that the reason of incident could become arson. “In case of establishment of criminal causes and circumstances of the fire will take a decision on initiation of criminal case”, – told the police.

Currently, police officers in addition to the audit, protect public order and provide free passage of special equipment to fire and rescue operations. According to the MOE, work at the site fire brigades, composed of 29 pieces of equipment and 89 personnel, as well as the rescuers consisting of two pieces of equipment and two people.

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In Moscow burns the Tushino engineering plant.
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A column of smoke is impressive. Close the Windows! #Moscow #Tushino #fire #emergency #sos #smell #stink

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Work continues on the fire mashinostroitelnogo plant in Tushino.
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“Tushino engineering plant” lights.. they Say the strongest #fire in the capital in recent years. #Tushino #Moscow

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A picture of the fire at the plant in South Tushino camera urban video surveillance system #Fire #Tushino

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Tushino machine building plant founded in 1932 and until recently was considered the largest company in the aerospace industry. The factory produced as military products and trolleybuses, trams, buses. In 1980-1990 factory-built manned orbital space Shuttle “Buran”. One of the last contracts, the plant has received in 2008-2009 for the supply of equipment for the construction of Adygea hydroelectric power station. The plant employed 28,000 people as of 2013 is 860 people. Many premises are leased.

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