The Stalinists from Surgut staged a provocation at the rally, “Remember their names”, devoted to Day of memory of victims of political repression. They came to the rally with placards, on which the victims of repression marked Vlasov, Yagoda and Yezhov, reports Siapress. Provocateurs were detained by the police.

According to the regional Agency, to prevent the rally tried activists of the “Working youth of Siberia” and “Russian spirit”. The police offered to “warm up” the four activists. They were taken to the city police Department N3, then released without returning the posters.

After the release of the detainees said they would complain to the court for “illegal obstruction of participation in a public event.”

Andrey Vlasov was a Soviet military commander who has sided with Germany in 1942 after the capture.

Genrikh Yagoda is one of the main leaders of the Soviet security organs, the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs of the USSR from 1934 to 1936.

Nikolai Yezhov – his replacement, headed the people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs in 1937.

At the beginning of October in Surgut dismantled a bust of Stalin, which was established by the activists of the organizations mentioned. They placed him on the Bank of the Ob river directly next to the place where there should be a monument to the repressed residents of the city.

In Surgut at the meeting in memory of victims of repression detained the Stalinists with portraits of Yezhov and Yagoda 30.10.2016

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