In the colony N46 city of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk region appeared the dolphins. Composition with three mammals jumping out of the water, created a group of artists from among the prisoners. According to their plan, the animals in the bas-relief symbolizes salvation.

Work on the creation of the song was completed on 6 October, reports a press-service GUFSIN of Russia on Sverdlovsk area. The authors spent about two months on the production of bas-relief.

Body painting is now at the entrance to the dining room of the penitentiary, near the fountain. This arrangement should create an additional effect of the presence of the sound of falling water emphasized in the message. “Convicted all units will be able to enjoy the song for Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the way to the dining room,” – explained in a press-service GUFSIN across the region.

The idea of the composition belongs to the group of artists from among the convicts, who are employed on the production area of the colony. The intention of the authors was supported by the chief of IK-46 Lieutenant Colonel of internal service Sergey Makarikhin, it is noted in the message of regional administration.

According to the artists, they created the image is an allegory of salvation, inspired by ancient legends, which depict the Dolphin as a human friend. These animals symbolize the sea, sea power, security and speed, freedom and nobility.

The composition is located on the wall of the building, consists of three dolphins. Figure each of the animals from different angles protrudes above the plane of the background by half, which allows us to call it a bas-relief.

For each Dolphin, the authors have created individual welded frame on the basis of the metal wire width of 20 mm and a thickness of 4 mm. on Top of the iron struck a reinforcing mesh of fiberglass. Then apply a layers of cement mortar, adhesive mortars, fillers and primers. Total wall thickness was approximately 5-8 mm.

Dolphins painted moisture-resistant facade paint and covered the entire composition varnish for glossy effect. The weight of each shape is about 50 kg. After installation, the heavy elements of the composition on the wall, the artists created the background. Sea landscape executed by a water-based paint, applied with a spray gun.

In Sverdlovsk area the colony acquired by the dolphins (VIDEO) 07.10.2016

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