Investigators of Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region opened a criminal case on the murder of four people. The accusation of a crime brought against 54-year-old previously convicted resident of the village of Shamary. His victims were those to whom the man has long disliked.

According to investigators, the afternoon of 28 September 2017, the accused, being in an alcohol intoxication at his home in Samarah, armed with he had a hunting knife and called a taxi. He then went to the village of Gora at the local agricultural enterprise (according to the police, the attacker went to the sawmill). There the man went to the utility room, which at that time were three of his friends, whom he had in a long time was personal hostility, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

Familiar at this point was lunch. Entering the room, the attacker began to hit them with a knife. Two people died on the spot, and their dinner companion received non-fatal wounds and engaged in a dialogue with the attackers.

“At this point, the room came another man, to which the defendant also had a personal dislike. Seeing what had happened, the man tried to escape from the room, but the attacker caught up with him and also began to strike the victim stabbed” – said in a press release. From the received damages the victim has died.

Remained in the storeroom of the wounded managed to escape from the killer. Later the man asked for help at the hospital and reported the incident to law enforcement.

After the triple murder, the accused went to a house on Forest street in the Mountain village where lived another of his friend, whom he also held a grudge. “This friend lured under false pretenses from home, the attacker began stabbing him with a knife. From the received damages the man died at the scene,” – said in the Department of the RF IC.

Thus, all the actions of the attacker killed four men 1964, 1966, 1968 and 1979 years of birth. “The life of a fifth victim was rescued due to the timely rendered him qualified medical aid”, – emphasized in Department of the RF IC. 49-year-old man with a wound in the chest was taken to the surgical Department and operated on, reports RBC with reference to his attending physician Anton Avdonina.

A few hours after the slaughter, the attacker, who continued to remain in the territory of the village of Hora, was detained by police on the street Victory.

“Seeing the traffic police inspector, he took out from the sleeve knife, explaining that he had nothing to lose, began to approach the police. Didn’t stop attacking and produced a police captain fired a warning shot into the air,” reports the official website of the regional Moi. – To detain the man failed, only wounding him from his service Makarov pistol in the leg, the hospitalization he did not have. Now he is detained and asked detectives why they didn’t shoot him immediately.”

According to police, the detainee confessed to the crime. He explained that the motive for the crime “were insulting and abusive expressions, which allowed himself and killed the victim in the address of the suspect”.

In the investigation of a number of forensic examination: forensic, physical, technical, psychological and psychiatric molecular genetic and biological. “Interrogation of witnesses requested and analyzed characterizing the material against the accused and victims. In the near future the investigation intends to address in court with the petition for election concerning the detainee of a measure of restraint in form of detention,” – said in a press release.

It is planned to examine the testimony of the detainee at the scene. The investigation is conducted under the control of the management of the regional Department of the RF IC.

“Investigators TFR necessarily be carefully find out all the causes and conditions that contributed to the Commission of an especially grave crimes, with the aim of adopting the necessary measures of a preventive nature, and prevent future such facts”, – concluded the Agency.

The detainee is charged with part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two and more persons”). It is threatened by punishment in the form of life term of imprisonment.

According to press reports, the crime was committed near the village House of culture. “I got a call from the hospital and warned that the street walks a man with a knife and kills everyone – told Director of culture House of village of Shamary Elena Sokolova. – Called the district, and he confirmed to me that the maniac is not tall, looks about fifty. And we have just time was the showing of cartoons, the work of the sections”.

According to Sokolova, she “put around the DK men for protection, to meet adults and children who came to us”.

It is known that the detainee’s name is Alexander Naymushin.

In Sverdlovsk area the drunk recidivist stabbed four people, remembering old grievances 29.09.2017

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