The redeployment of Russian complexes “Iskander-M” in the Kaliningrad region is a provocation, which is exacerbating the situation in the Baltic sea region, stated yesterday the Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist.

“We see this as a provocative signal policy, as it aggravates the situation in the region. Especially when we are talking about the possible carriers of nuclear warheads, giving a new dimension” – quoted by TASS Hultqvist.

Note that yesterday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski also noted that Russia’s actions are “totally inadequate response to what NATO is doing”.

He stressed that Poland and the Baltic States do not have aggressive intentions against Russia, and therefore there is no grounds for strengthening of the Kaliningrad garrison.

Waszczykowski also said that even if NATO deploy on the Eastern flank of their forces in the framework of the recent NATO summit in Warsaw, “it will not change its defense doctrine and the relations to Russia”.

We will remind, at the summit, referred to, announced the deployment in Eastern Europe of four battalions of NATO for protection from Russia.

Earlier in the defense Ministry confirmed reports of the deployment of “Iskander-M” in Kaliningrad oblast. Official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated that this is part of a planned training of the troops.

In Sweden, adopted for the provocation the stationing of Russian “Iskander” near Kaliningrad 11.10.2016

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