In the Swedish city of Barling opened the first neutral cemetery. As reports The Local, it is intended for the burial of people of all faiths, and atheists, but with one condition – on the graves there should be no religious symbols. Also in the cemetery is prohibited to perform religious rites.

The reason for the creation of unusual churchyard was the growing multiculturalism of the Swedes. According to the author, the ideas of Joseph Erdem, locals and migrants, there are people who do not belong to any religion, writes the local newspaper Dalarnas Tidningar.

He Erdem grew up in Turkish Kurdistan, where, in his own words, was influenced by different religions. He currently works in Borlänge teacher and is a member of the local city Council.

A proposal to create a neutral in the city cemetery he gave back in the spring, however, the initiative took time. Now all the formalities are settled and the cemetery is ready to receive the first customers.

While no one is buried, but already there is a wish. According to Erdem, subsequently, the Swedish experience may want to learn from other countries.

Swedish TV channel SVT notes that traditionally Lutheran Sweden in recent years has become one of the most secular countries in the world. Religion in the daily life of the Swedes plays a very minor role.

According to the researcher Karin Kittelmann, atheism in Sweden is perceived as the norm, while religion, on the contrary, is often seen as something unreasonable and even unhealthy.

In Sweden there was the first cemetery without religious symbols 20.10.2016

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