During the ceremony, the Russian military who have returned from Syria, it became clear not only that he had died not four, but five soldiers, but also the fact that in the composition of the military forces of the Russian Federation on the Syrian land was the tanks. How notes portal “Titles”by publishing the review of the Russian press, Vladimir Putin has awarded the first Deputy commander of the 1st tank army of the Western military district (PHOTO), which caused issues.

A journalist from the Kremlin pool Andrei Kolesnikov in an article for the”Kommersant” wrote that the General-the major Yury Yarovitsky, first Deputy commander of the 1st tank army of the Western military district, received the order of St. George IV degree, meanwhile Pro Russian tanks involved in the operation, “the General public something not reported”.

“However, all of the questions on this occasion were short-lived. Yes, our tanks, according to witnesses who saw with their own eyes in Syria were and are. Yes, a little. But no less than five pieces. Moreover, tankers are our people, and still is, apparently, only be proud that you are their contemporary”, – he noted, having concluded that “the Syrian operation was still and ground”.

It also turned out that in the St. George hall of the Kremlin, where they held the award ceremony, was forbidden to come with awards. As noted by Kolesnikov, “no one is different from the insignia, medals and decorations, awarded each of the participants on the eve of the Syrian campaign”. “Said that there are no sharps in the room should not be”, – journalist quoted one of the attendees.

You should pay attention to the words of the President that “once agreement was reached on a ceasefire between the opposition and government forces, the amount of our aircraft has declined significantly”.

“The number of sorties has decreased three times: from 60-80 a day to 20-30. In this regard, the previously created group from the military point of view, was redundant.” – quoted Putin by a journalist from the Kremlin pool.

He wondered: “who, then, bombed all this time the Russian VC, if it has been said that the terrorist group and after the onset of the truce remain under their bombs, but the truce is only sensible opposition to the Bashar al-Assad?”

Conclusion part of a contingent of Russian troops from Syria began on 15 March, while Russia will continue its assistance to the regime of Bashar al-Assad and financial intelligence, will leave the Russian air defense systems and can continue bombing the terrorists.

In Syria and was attended by Russian tanks, it became clear during the awards ceremony returned to the Russian Federation military 18.03.2016

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