In Syria noticed the new Russian helicopter radar picket (RLD) of Ka-35, also known as Ka-31СВ, Ka-252СВ, the product 23Д2 and experimental design work (OKR) “Gorkovchanin”. The photo of the second prototype of the helicopter with tail number “232”, made allegedly in Syria in Latakia province, Ibrahim Hassan, was published October 26 in the microblog Twitter user Hammer Head.

As stated in the unofficial blog Bmpd LiveJournal, published under the auspices of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies (cast), we are talking about the Russian helicopter from the helicopter of the complex radar reconnaissance of ground targets (VKRRN) 1К130 – Ka-35 (Ka-31СВ), and not Ka-31, as erroneously wrote the blogger who posted the photo.

Russian Navy Ka-31 AEW Helicopter spotted in Latakia Jeblah many thx to #Ibraheem_Hasan

In Syria, seen the prototype of the Russian helicopter reconnaissance Ka-35, existing in two copies (VIDEO) 27.10.2016

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