Court of hatlonsky area of Tajikistan issued on October 24 the verdict of a local resident to Ahliddin Mashrabova. He was found guilty of the murder of a Russian soldier Alexei Butkova. The massacre was preceded by the conflict that arose in foodservice.

According to the court, Ahliddin Mashrabov will spend behind bars 20 years. The prosecution asked for him 22 years, reports “Interfax”.

We will remind, 40-year-old Sergeant Alex Butkov, were servicemen of the 201st Russian military base, was killed in the night of 31 July 2016 in the restaurant “Karina” in the city of Kurgan-Tyube, the administrative center of the Khatlon region.

In entertainment, the military was accompanied by his wife and friends. Witnesses of the crime and colleagues Benkova claim that the murder resulted from a quarrel on home soil with one of the locals who hit the soldier with a knife. The wound proved fatal. Russians died in hospital from loss of blood.

On suspicion in murder was detained a few young men clashed with the Russian military. We killed had a wife and two children. It was also reported that in the fight in the restaurant stabbed the employee of management of the Agency for the fight against drugs in the city of Kurgan-Tyube Umed Rakhmonov.

Ahliddin Mashrabova was charged under article 104 (“Murder”) and article 237 (“Hooliganism”) the criminal code of Tajikistan.

In court was that Mashrabov came into conflict with two Russian military news Agency wrote “Friends tried to calm Mashrabova, but he was even more angry and started waving the household with a knife. The result stabbed one of the local residents and senior Sergeant RVB Alex Brankovo”, – said the judge, Faridun Dogmatized.

Also found the cause of the quarrel. “The conflict arose from the fact that the suspect wanted the queue to go to the toilet. He was stopped by Russian military servicemen. At first the men got in a fight, then the military severely beat Ahliddin Mashrabova and ran away,” the lawyer said Mashrabova Akbarjon Khasanov.

Ahliddin decided to revenge. Upon entering the dining hall, he saw the dancing of the Russian military. The man approached one of them and attacked with a knife, believing it to be one of his opponents. “I must say that all three participants of incident were in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication”, – quotes the BBC Russian service that the advocate Khasanova.

Entertainment complex “Karina” is one of the favorite places of rest and dance of the local people. Usually in such places the Agency on struggle against drugs, conducting raids to prevent the proliferation and use of illicit substances.

There, in the “Karine”, loved to spend leisure time and the Russian military.

201st military base – the largest military facility of Russia located abroad. She is stationed in Dushanbe and Kurgan-Tyube. According to the signed in October 2012 agreement, the connection will remain in Tajikistan until 2042.

In Tajikistan, the man stabbed the restaurant of the Russian military, has received 20 years of a colony 26.10.2016

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