Office of public Prosecutor of Naberezhnye Chelny has inspected on the facts of abusing a young student, which also involved his teacher, according to the official website of the Department. According to preliminary data, the woman was binding the child with tape on the lesson, and drew a chalk circle, forbidding the student to cross the line.

From the actions of the teacher suffered a first grader Allan Z., who went to study in the municipal Autonomous educational institution “secondary school N35 with profound studying of separate subjects” in Naberezhnye Chelny. At first the boy was pleased with the school and enthusiastically told his mother about school events. But then it became quiet and silent, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As told classmates of Allan, for some time the boy became the object of persecution for the teacher Tatyana Sergeyevna. After the winter break, the teacher even Allan strapped to a chair with duct tape, so he was not hovering. A few days ago, when the boy went to the blackboard, the teacher looked around the circle in chalk, as if he performed a ritual against demons. Student Tatiana Sergeevna told not to leave the circle as long as the job is done.

The acting Director of the school Osprey Marina at first denied the incident: “What Scotch and a circle? Never heard of”.

However, the mother of the victim wrote the application in Prosecutor’s office. And after the TV presenter about the abuse of the child, which was shown in a news program “the City” on TV channel “the Ether”, the Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit. During her worst fears were confirmed.

“In fact non-pedagogical behaviour of the teachers made representation to the education Department of Naberezhnye Chelny, – said the official representative of the Prosecutor of Tatarstan Ruslan galliev. – The issue is very sensitive – the child is hyperactive, not diligent in class, as the teacher must be in the interests of the majority to ensure the educational process. About applied measures it is obvious search”.

The Prosecutor’s office found that the teacher violated the requirements of professional ethics and Federal laws “On education” and “On basic guarantees of child rights in the Russian Federation”. The violations “were made possible as a result of improper performance by the teacher of their duties and the lack of proper control by the management of an educational institution”.

By results of check the Prosecutor of the city has made to address acting Deputy head of Executive Committee of municipal formation Naberezhnye Chelny a representation to eliminate violations of the law and attraction of guilty officials to a disciplinary responsibility. The act of Prosecutor’s reaction will be considered with participation of a representative of the Supervisory authority.

In addition, the audit materials sent to the police Department N4 “Electrical” Ministry of internal Affairs of Naberezhnye Chelny for adoption of the procedural decision on the fact of cruel treatment of minors.

Add that Tatyana Sergeevna is a teacher of the highest qualification category with more than 15 years experience.

Currently in the school of review of Department of education of Naberezhnye Chelny, and with children, who complained of the cruelty of his teacher, psychologists.

“Earlier, conflicts with this teacher at parents was not, – said Marina Osprey, forced to admit the obvious. – Anything can happen here.”

She also added that it is too early to draw conclusions. School psychologists tasked “to identify General anxiety of children to school, to class, to teacher, to classmates”. Also, teachers will ask parents of students. Whether you need to identify “General anxiety” in staff, Marina Osprey to me.

Currently in school studying N35 1442 student. In the course of their study involved 100 teachers, reported on the page of the school website on e-education in Tatarstan.

In Tatarstan, a teacher of first-grader was wrapped with tape and drew around it “the magic circle” 08.04.2016

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