Police in Tennessee USA finds out the circumstances of the massacre that occurred at a children’s party. As a result, seven people received gunshot wounds, and one of them died.

Shots sounded on the verge of one of the houses of the town of Dyersburg for about 18:20 on Thursday, writes The New York Daily News. Arrived at the scene, police found the body of 21-year-old woman and six wounded. Among them was six-year-old boy was taken in critical condition by air to regional medical center in Memphis. The other victims were placed in the hospital, Dyersburg, where they took custody of the police.

According to local residents, the deceased was the mistress of the house where the shooting occurred. The woman invited guests to celebrate the birthday son, who was two years old.

According to the preliminary version, the partiers were on the porch of the house when approached by three armed intruders. They shot the crowd, and then disappeared.

Roommate said Stephanie Childres she first came on the scene and tried to assist the wounded. In particular, a woman was doing CPR on the victim, who was shot in the chest.

As explained by the witness, the massacre happened right before the eyes of a small child sitting in a child seat.

Add that to Dyersburg, which has a population of only 17 thousand people, is about 130 miles from Memphis.

In Tennessee on the birthday of 2-year-old boy was shot seven people 18.11.2016

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