In the U.S. city of Alpine (Texas) unknown opened fire in the school Alta High School. According to preliminary reports, the incident killed the shooter himself. In addition, two people received gunshot wounds. One of the injured was a policeman who arrived at the scene, reports CNN.

According to journalists, the unknown opened fire in a room intended for rehearsals of the school orchestra. While at the moment it is unknown whether the attacker one of the students, teachers or other school staff.

The official representative of local law enforcement has already stated that the perpetrator acted alone and other suspects at present. In addition, it is reported that the health and safety of students no longer in danger.

TV channel CBS reports that the shooting at the school she opened. The journalists did not specify whether she was a student of the institution. At the same time, according to TV channel, a gunshot wound, in addition to the guard, got one of the kids.

Later the TV station KXXV reported that the gunman was one of the students, which was in conflict with another student. The journalists, citing a source in law enforcement bodies specify that with the body of the criminal was found semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. According to preliminary information, there were produced five shots.

Sheriff Ronnie Dodson said, without mentioning the name of the shoot, the girl lived in Alpine only last six months. According to grandmother and grandfather schoolgirl, she studied at the “excellent” and had no problems with peers.

Student injured in shooting at Alpine High School in Texas; shooter dead, police say

In Texas, the girl opened fire at school, wounding another student and then killed himself 08.09.2016

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