Thai police are investigating the death of a diver who died near the coast of Pattaya. The body of a man in a wetsuit and flippers, was found tied to a pole on the seabed. The man had his throat cut.

According to the Bangkok Post, the deceased was at about 1500 baht. It is European in age from 40 to 50 years, rising slightly above 170 centimeters.

The body was discovered 200 metres from the popular beach on Koh LARN island near Pattaya, is the largest Thai resort with its famous Nightclubs and, according to The Guardian, the rich criminal traditions.

Divers surveyed the area, which was made a terrible discovery, found a snorkel, a knife, a swimming cap and goggles on the seabed. Police experts hope to find on these subjects fingerprints. It is known that in Pattaya no one has reported the disappearance of a man matching the description. Local investigators have circulated the announcement with a request to possible witnesses of the incident to tell about yourself.

In Thailand found the body of an alien in a wetsuit, tied to a post at the bottom of the sea 19.12.2016

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