In Thailand, the driver punished by a fine and temporary suspension from work for what sexually harassed her client. Girl filmed as the taxi driver touching her bare knees. Then these pictures were posted on the social network Facebook, writes The Bangkok Post.

Sexual harassment caught the driver from Bangkok somca Simli. According to preliminary data, June 22 to it in a taxi the village girl and her companion. The passenger got out early, and his companion went on. Left alone with her, the cabbie started a conversation with her on candid topics, and then touched the girl’s bare feet while the victim was in the back seat.

Published in the group YouLike for Facebook photos, accuses taxi driver of harassment, caused a wide resonance. The identity of the suspect was established. We also found out that the taxi driver was working illegally since Aug. 21, 2015 has expired, his driver’s license.

June 24, the press reported that somca decision by the land transport Department on new year’s suspended from work, and gave him a fine of five thousand baht (almost $ 150). He was also suspected of drug use.

In addition, a fine of 1,000 baht was paid and the employer sexually licentious driver – co-op Baworn Taxi. It is established that the firm operated a vehicle without necessary documents: they were lost two years ago. The carrier also did not provide information about the driver on request of the authorities.

In Thailand, the taxi driver, the passenger just touched his knee, disgraced on the Internet and was fined $ 150 27.06.2016

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