Once in ten German States on Tuesday morning, November 15, began the searches of activists of the Salafi organization “the True religion”, who are suspected in helping the terrorists “Islamic state”. At the same time, the police came in 200 houses, apartments and other facilities, writes Focus.

The publication notes that the police operation has affected almost the entire territory of Germany, with the exception of the Eastern lands. It happened a week after Germany had arrested the Islamist leaders, including the chief ideologist of the German Salafis, 32-the summer native of Iraq Abu Walaa.

Law enforcement authorities suspect members of a religious organisation, known in Germany primarily for mass actions of free distribution of the Quran, glorification of Jihad and the justification of terrorist acts. “The organization has created a unique nationwide recruiting and has become a real melting pot for jihadis,” the report says. It is known that representatives of the Salafi branch of Islam was sent from Germany to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic state. Police aware of at least 140 such “volunteers”.

#Salafisten-Razzia! Hier in #Bonn strmten vermummte Polizisten um 6.30 Uhr ein Hochhaus, dort wohnt Salafisten-Anfhrer Ibrahim Abou-Nagie pic.twitter.com/G34xBfeYeS

In the 10 States of Germany are the searches of the activists of the radical Salafist organization “the True religion” 15.11.2016

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