Police in the Brazilian state of Amazonas investigating the brutal murder of 43-year-old adventurer from the UK Emma Kelty, which alone floated on the kayak. A lover of extreme rest was going to overcome 4 thousand miles (nearly 6.5 thousand kilometers), but it got in the way of drug dealers. They mistook the foreigner for a drug dealer, and then subjected her to torture and rape before death.

The crime was committed near the village of Lauro sodré, writes The Daily Star. During the attack, the British received two gunshot wounds from the shotgun. She also cut the hair. After the sexual abuse the tourist has her throat slit and her corpse thrown in Solimoes (upper Amazon).

According to one of the local residents, murderers-drug dealers took Kelty for a member of a Colombian drug cartel. Seeing the tent of the foreigner, the attackers immediately began to shoot from a distance of 50 meters. Emma, who previously held the position of Director of elementary school immediately received a gunshot wound and could not resist or attempt to escape. A woman was killed on the 44th day of his water campaign.

We will add that one of the alleged killers of 24-year-old Evanilson Gomes da Costa, to date, already dead. The man was shot in a skirmish with the gangsters from the other group.

As part of the investigation police have detained four murder suspects, including 17-year-old. Two of the alleged killers wanted.

One of the detainees-Artur Gomes da Silva confessed that he slit the throat of the Briton, said the chief of police josé Afonso Barradas.

The arrested teenager told me that the reason for the attack was robbery. According to him, the Kelty was stolen two mobile phones, a tablet and action camera GoPro. Then criminals tried to sell the property to local residents.

“Premonition” of death

Shortly before the tragedy, September 10, Emma Kelty left on the social network Twitter a joking post, which now looks ominous and prophetic. “So, Kuari or near my boat stolen, and is going to kill me. Fine,” – wrote pochodnych heard plenty of stories about those sinister places.

Ironically, the Kelty meeting with the bandits took place where she had predicted, between the cities of Coari and Codajas, which are separated by hundreds of kilometers.

Two days after jokes about his own murder Kelty is not a laughing matter. On 12 September she wrote that she met a group of 50 people in the boats, armed with rifles and “arrows” (perhaps meant Darts or spears). Then she met another group of 30 armed men.

13 Sep relationship with Emma ended, reports G1. In the search operation were involved 60 people, including scuba divers, firefighters and servicemen of the Brazilian Navy.

And the 19th, the police announced the arrest of three suspects in her murder.

The conquering of the South pole

Emma Kelty lived in London Finchley and worked as a Director in a primary school Knollmead in Surbiton (borough of Kingston upon Thames). In 2014, the woman quit to devote his life to travel.

In January 2017 Emma Kelty became the sixth woman who managed to conquer the South pole. And this ski trip a desperate British went alone. They traveled 700 miles in 51 days. Kelty was previously known in the United States is the tourist route of the “Pacific trail” with a length of over 2600 miles.

Since February, Emma was actively engaged in kayaking by scheduling a boat trip from Peru to the Atlantic coast, the Amazon, writes The Guardian.

According to conductor of rocky Contos, who Emma enjoyed in Peru, he warned the British about the imminent mortal danger. Kontos said that in the area of Lauro sodré are pirates and gangs of drug traffickers who are fighting with each other over the channel of delivery of drugs from Colombia. There were cases when the pirates attacked even the drug dealers and robbed them. The corpses of members of the drug later found in the river.

This criminal war between drug gangs have led to the massacre in the prison of the city of Manaus (capital of Amazonas). There during the Christmas holidays began the riots, which killed 56 people.

In December last year in the region of Lauro sodré squad police clashed with drug traffickers. After this fight had disappeared the police chief Thiago Garces. His body was never found.

Emma Kelty is survived by two brothers and a sister Natasha who prided themselves on being “committed and active sister.”

Note that the Kelty plans to sail alone through the Amazon jungle looked Grand and desperate. Although Emma was the predecessor. In 2010, British journalist Helen Skelton sailed the Amazon 3234 kilometers for almost six weeks. But she wasn’t travelling alone. Have tourists had a boat escort with the team. In the boat she slept and took a bath. There were also supplies of food.

In the Amazon, members of a drug mafia have raped and killed the British-kakera, mistaking her for a rival 22.09.2017

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