The American heroes of the popular animated series “the Simpsons” six years ago predicted the names of two scientists who this year received the Nobel prize. We are talking about the Dutchman Bernard Feringa, which this year awarded the prestigious award for chemistry for the design and synthesis of molecular machines, and the native of Finland the Bengt Holmstrom – laureate in Economics, awarded for contributions to the theory of contracts.

About the amazing prophecy in “the simpsons” reminded Facebook page, Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA), where he works Holmstrom.

In one episode of the 22nd season of Lisa Simpson, Milhouse van Houten, Martin Prince, and another student look on TV, how to announce the Nobel laureates in Stockholm. After the announcement of the award to Jagdish Bhagwati for achievements in the field of Economics Milhouse pulls out a piece of paper with the rates. The list includes Bernard Feringa and Bengt Holmstrom.

Fun fact: @TheSimpsons’ Milhouse once predicted MIT Prof. Holmström would win a #NobelPrize. Today, he was right!

In the animated series “the Simpsons” predicted the names of two Nobel laureates 2016 11.10.2016

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