In Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian island, which is under the patronage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, continue to die animals. The day before the official opening ceremony, where, among the heads of state are expected to attend the leaders of Japan and South Korea, arrived in Vladivostok at the Eastern economic forum, it became known about the death of 22-year-old Dolphin-belobochka, according to VL.

As told to journalists a source close to the situation, in late July, the Maritime aquarium bought in Japan six dolphins belobochka at the market price in 22 thousand dollars per individual. Two weeks later three of them fell ill and was quarantined in the main building. Two animals vets can make it out, but the third Dolphin could not be saved. On 31 August he died in the main building of the aquarium, but the incident became known only now.

“Two dolphins were rescued, but one died. At the moment his body was transported to Ussuriisk for an autopsy with subsequent disposal. The staff of the aquarium’re trying to hide the fact of death of a Dolphin. His body was taken to the opening night. Now he is lying in the ice in a special morgue, and today or tomorrow will destroy him. How he died remains a mystery, most likely from old age. But then why buy it for a lot of money before opening? In any case, all this must be studied, not hide,” – said the source publication.

However, he did not rule out that the death could come from an unknown virus, which three individuals picked up after arriving in Vladivostok. The exact cause of death of a Dolphin will show the autopsy, he added. At the same time, the press service of the Primorsky aquarium, the newspaper reported that no information about the death of a Dolphin in the institution is not available. Information about the purchase and the condition of the animals aquarium representatives refused to provide, citing the employment.

Earlier Friday, press Secretary of the President Administration of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova told journalists that the difficult weather conditions in Primorye has not affected the plans for the opening of the aquarium, reports RIA “Novosti”. “At the aquarium are the final preparations for the opening. Trainers work with animals, cleaning of premises,” she explained.

Last week, in a matter of days before the opening ceremony, it was reported that the aquarium building literally began to flow: the rain water streams ran through the walls straight into the pool where swam the belugas. This was evident in the videothat appeared on social networks. “All ask and wonder, why are the animals in the Oceanarium on Russky island?! Yes at least because the aquarium is built ugly!” – said the author behind the scenes of the movie.

The Director of the seaside aquarium Vadim Serkov, in turn, denied the obvious, declaring that “nothing in the pools with the animals is not flowing,” wrote journalists PrimeMedia. “If where-that something, for example, condensation, dripping, the staff is clean. And condensation on hot days, the tubes are really dripped on the floor, it was. Where identified such a dripping place, the tubes then further gidroizolyatsiya”, – he assured.

For the first time that in an unfinished aquarium dying marine animals, the public learned in February 2015. Then the local media reported that in December 2014 the staff of the scientific sector of the aquarium in an anonymous open letter told about inadequate conditions of detention of marine animals and the premature death of six of them sea otters, walrus, Dolphin, Beluga whale and two Baikal seals, the infection in the pools and inaction of leadership.

In this regard the Prosecutor’s check of the aquarium revealed a number of violations in the content of animals and disposal of dead animals. The audit confirmed the information that in 2013 for various reasons they killed six animals.

Walrus Thor died from a swallowed sponge with a piece of rope, it is unknown how it got into the pool, told reporters after the inspection, the senior assistant Prosecutor of Primorsky Krai Elena Telegina. At the same time, the information that the dead female Dolphin bottlenose Dolphin was infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and that the cause of death of sea otters was the negligence of the employees, prevent the loss of the animal from the cage, was not confirmed, she said.

However then it became known about new cases. In November 2015 at the aquarium the whale died from an unidentified illness, as told by the then leadership of the institution.

In January of this year at the aquarium died, Dolphin-bottlenose Dolphin named Leo. Then in a press-service of the aquarium said the animal got there in a weakened state, he had lowered immunity and the Dolphin was often ill.

On the night of 15 April in the pool of the main building of the aquarium, killed the whale. The animal managed to remove the protective grille from the sump of the drain pipe, got stuck and died of asphyxiation.

On 21 July it became known that in the aquarium died two female walrus and Peace and Fania, which with a pomp have brought to Vladivostok to Chukotka, on 25 June, a special MES. “After an operation to remove tusks, the animals came out from the anesthesia,” – said the press Secretary of the aquarium of Elena Molchanova.

At the same time, local media reported that the World and she died due to the fact that before the surgery was not made of their weighing and dosage of the anesthetic was calculated incorrectly. The next day, the Environmental Prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai beginning of the test in connection with the deaths of two young Morich.

Scientific-educational complex “Primorsky aquarium” on island Russian should become one of the largest such facilities in the world. Its area exceeds 30 thousand square meters. It can accommodate 15-18 thousand individuals of 500-600 species of living organisms that live in different seas and oceans of the planet, as well as in the Amur river, lakes Baikal and Hanka.

Initially it was planned to open by the beginning of the APEC summit 2012 in Vladivostok, but the opening date was repeatedly postponed. In the fall of 2014 Putin personally came to look at the construction of the aquarium, the initiator of creation of which he played himself, and was very angry of what he saw.

Shortly after this came to light two billion embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the construction of this object, and taken into custody by the Director of FGUP “Directorate for construction in the far Eastern Federal district” Andrew Poplawski.

After this was replaced by a construction contractor. Now local authorities plan to complete all work by the fall, but the exact date of the opening of the aquarium for future visitors is not known.

In the aquarium on the island of Russian was killed Dolphin from Japan 03.09.2016

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