“Demonstration of the buttocks” and “striking”
(run naked in public – usually during sporting events) in
the Australian state of Victoria officially recognized crimes and
they will give from two to six months in prison, depending on,
for the first time, the offender is seen in the act or a willful
a repeat offender, reports the website News.com.au.
Relevant laws adopted by the Parliament of Victoria and supported by
both parties – Conservative and labour.

If the earlier demonstration Asses in public are punished by others
items, has now become a separate crime, rather, as
explains The
Huffington Post
, according to legal language,
now the demonstration of the buttocks, or striking, is a special cases of “indecent
or abusive behavior involving human subjects, demonstrating
their anal or genital area.” Along with this legislation
prohibits the performance of obscene songs or ballads” and “obscene
or abusive behaviour”.

It’s part of the changes that are made to more than 50 articles describing
sexual offences. As stated on the website
government, law reform designed to protect children. Language
laws are outdated, and articles not fully describe the offence,
in addition, a number of crimes are committed with the help of modern
technologies that are not reflected in the old code.

As noted by The
The Herald Sun
, the demonstration of buttocks in a public place in
Australia – “long been a popular practice among students, protesters
and drunk”.

Attorney General Victoria Martin Pakula told radio 3AW: “I don’t want to disturb anyone to have fun. We just don’t want one
who ran naked on the cricket, are in the same category with those who
popped up and showed the genitals of 13-year-old girl. This is a different species
offences and legislation for the first time demystifies them. Sexy
the impact, of course, is a crime more serious.”

“It was always a crime and remains a crime, just
the legislation separates the less serious offense of more
serious”, – he added. Striking and entertainment
drunken students, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General of Victoria called
“harmless pranks” that you want to breed with crimes
committed sexual offenses.

In 2006, the U.S. Supreme court has recognized the demonstration of the buttocks shape
artistic expression, declaring that if “poluobnazhennaya buttocks
obscene, that blame can be any woman in a Thong on
the beach.” Striking popular on sports grounds, where violators
fined and are not allowed in the stadiums.

In the Australian state of Victoria has introduced criminal liability for Jogging naked and demonstration of the buttocks 26.09.2016

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