The Australian wildlife Park Simbio (Symbio Wildlife Park) struck up an unusual friendship between a baby Koala and butterfly. A winged beauty of the village right on the nose of a marsupial animal named willow during a photo shoot. Koala dutifully continued to sit on the tree with a new friend on the muzzle. Video about willow and a butterfly caused a storm of emotion from users, gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

A video from the photo shoot published on the official website of the zoo Symbio Wildlife Park in Facebook. In the video first sees willow sitting on a flower a butterfly and reaches out to her paw. The Koala then hands the insect your nose. A little later, a butterfly lands on the muzzle, willow and remains there until the end of the video. “To participate in a photo shoot of willow butterfly is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen!” reads the caption to the video.

Judging by the comments, the movie really melted people’s hearts. “Oh my God, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! Really cute rolls!” – says one of the wearer. “Now they have to make a children’s book titled willow and the Butterfly”, is in the other comments.

In April, users conquered the video, the Park Ranger Simbio hugging a Koala named Harry and scratching the animal stomach. The video is also posted on the page of the zoo in Facebook, gained a million hits.

Zoo Symbio Wildlife Park located in Helensburgh, in the state of New South Wales in the South-East of Australia. The wildlife Park was founded in 1975. Among his Pets – koalas, lemurs, red pandas, opossums, and kangaroos. Follow the everyday life of animals at zoo in Instagram.

In the Australian zoo butterfly spontaneously took part in a photo shoot with a baby Koala (VIDEO) 03.10.2016

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