In the West of Lithuania on military ground name of General Silvestras of Zukauskas near the town of Pabrade, where international military exercise “Iron sword – 2016″, the Lithuanian motorized infantry in combat firing mortar shells fired from the German observers, spotters, according to the portal three Lebanese with reference to the official documents of the Ministry of defence of Lithuania.

The shelling of concussion of varying severity were received by three soldiers of the Bundeswehr (armed forces of Germany). They were handed over to the military doctors, and later taken to the Vilnius University hospital. The investigation of an incident is assigned to the interrogators of the Lithuanian military police.

Drills on the ground as General Silvestras of Zukauskas held with the participation of about four thousand troops from 11 NATO countries, including Estonia, Latvia, great Britain, Canada, Poland, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovenia and Germany. They began on November 20 and will run until December 2 as part of the program of NATO for training military MTEP (Military Training and Exercise Program).

According to the legend, military work out the defense of the settlement with the further transition to the offensive. The legend reflects the concept of the views of the leaders of the Lithuanian Ministry of defense: surprise attack of the aggressor, sustained defense of strong points and hubs within 48 hours, getting help from allies in NATO, to attack and eviction of the aggressor from the territory of Lithuania.

The commander of land forces Brigadier General Valdemaras, Rupsis noted that “in the future the army will face currently unknown challenges, so the ability to adapt quickly to new situations is vital… a Quick and efficient response of all units on the threat of conventional war is one of the main objectives of these exercises”.

In the former Soviet Baltic republics and in Europe have repeatedly voiced suspicions about the allegedly imminent Russian invasion of the Baltic States on the “Crimean” scenario, therefore the scale of the planned NATO exercises in these countries is constantly growing.

July 8, was accepted the decision to deploy an additional four battalions of NATO in Eastern Europe – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. To send its troops to four Eastern countries of the Alliance agreed the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada.

In the Baltic military exercises of the Lithuanian infantry fired at allies of the Germans 29.11.2016

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