In social networks, the wide resonance was caused by published a videowhere in Bashkortostan, the children go to school through the woods, armed in this case with axes for protection from possible attack by wolves. The incident has already drawn the attention of both local officials and law enforcement agencies.

According to one of the mothers whose child is in a video released in Galiakberovo the village where the school is located, do not go even a bus. Her child with a few classmates are forced to go to school through the woods. After a recent case, when children are attacked by a wolf, they had to arm themselves with axes, according to the portal ProUfu.

“When our children, boys 12-14 years old, were walking home, they went to meet the wolf. The children were scared, ran back to Galiakberovo. I and another woman went in the evening for their children in the hands of the ax and lantern,” said the woman.

That is happening already commented the head of the burzyansky district of the Republic Rustam Sharipov. “We have seen this message, I personally instructed the education Department to address this issue. The fact that the village Verkhniy Nugush road held only a year ago and the bus to the next village where there is school, yet not allowed. We will take measures”, – assured the official.

In the Department of wildlife conservation of the Ministry of ecology of Bashkortostan told journalists that in these areas the number of wolves is always high: “In burzyansky district of the number of wolves is higher than the average in Bashkiria. Nevertheless, attacks on humans over the past time were recorded.”

To investigate the circumstances that forced parents to arm their children with axes, and joined law enforcement. The Prosecutor’s office of the burzyansky district on behalf of the Prosecutor’s office already checks on the message in the media about students who are forced through the forest to go to school in the distant village, said the Agency.

According to preliminary data, in school, in the village Verkhniy Nugush (AMAS) were closed middle and high school. As a result, five students of grades 5-11 were transferred to the school located in the village of Galiakberovo. The distance between settlements is about 10 kilometers, said the Prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor burzyansky district will check the implementation of legislation on education and the legality of teaching children at a nearby school. In addition, the audit will assess the actions of officials of local governments in providing adequate and safe transportation of teenagers to and from schools.

In the Bashkir village children armed with axes for protection from the wolves on the way to school 08.11.2016

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