The government of the province of Biscay in the Basque Country stated about the unique discovery that has enriched not only the Iberian Peninsula but all of humanity. In Lekeitio, near the entrance to the cave Armine, was found about 50 petroglyphs.

El Mundo writes that the animal images created from 12 to 14.5 thousand years ago, are “unusual” technique and composition. “This is an amazing treasure of mankind”, – commented on the finding of the Deputy head of the province Unai Rementeria.

The cave in question, has long been known to the inhabitants of Lekeitio, because the entrance is located in the heart of the city, but until now no one has occur to get a good look at the stones on which are carved the figures.

Discovered animal figures in different sizes from 10 centimeters to a meter or more. According to National Geographic, among them – the image of at least two lions, which is absolutely unheard of in this region, as well as horses, bison, and four species of unidentified quadrupeds. The semi-circles and dashed lines, apparently, are the subject of abstract art, which is also unprecedented for the Iberian Peninsula.

Noteworthy and technique of images. All the patterns are made from carved in stone “micro-dots” instead of continuous lines of furrows. “According to experts, these petroglyphs are probably the most stunning and incomparable among those that have been discovered on the Iberian Peninsula,” said Rementeria.

In the Basque Country found unique drawings of animals, created to 14.5 thousand years ago 14.10.2016

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