The story of mother five year old ballerina in Facebook about how parents and children are not allowed to “Swan lake”at the Bolshoi theater has caused an explosive reaction in Runet. Users of social networks and the media resented the fact that age labeling is designed to protect the child’s mind from the undesirable information, recommendations were turned into prohibitions. However, it appeared that nothing immoral in the ballet, except for short bursts of ballerinas, no, but the theatre’s administration is worried about the audience, which at the time of submission may interfere with weary children.

“November 22 at the Bolshoi theatre took place on the ballet “Swan lake”, this show me and my five year old daughter waited with trepidation. As a digression, I will say that it was not the first and not the second joint visit “adult” performance on the historical stage. We were asked to endorse the ticket from the administration (which was Great for the first time), we happily went to the side of the administration, and here we were expecting a “surprise”. “Surprise” was a bunch of parents with children, which for some reason was not allowed to play. And it was a children!!!”, – said Alexander Vasyukov.

In her words, “an administrator with barely constrained irritation poked his nose “uneducated” parents in the tickets, where black and white 12+, and sentenced – well written…”. At the same time, says the mother of the little dancer, “it was always, and always has been.”

“My daughter heard today that she won’t see what I wanted, sobbing loudly, and, approaching silently sympathetic to usher, tried to explain that she is a ballerina that she must go to see the dance of the little swans, she knows how to behave in the theater and if it will not start, it will complain to the Pope!” – said Alexander Vasyukov, indicating that the theatre management would have to deal not with children, and those who speculate in tickets.

During the day, the message in the social network scored 5.5 thousand shares and almost a thousand reviews. The views of users of social networks are divided. Sympathizers said that the children – the same audience as the rest, and the right to join the classics. Those who supported the theatre’s administration, pointed out that connoisseurs of Russian ballet would love to have the opportunity to enjoy the performance without coming with the neighbouring places in the hall of the requests in the spirit of “I’m thirsty”.

How to say “Novye Izvestia”, the age limit is applied selectively – several spectators who have visited on 22 November at the Swan lake, talk about what you saw in the auditorium for children under 12 years.

The publication also cites the comment of the psychologist Natalia Warski, which notes that the age limit for classical performances – it’s overkill. “Marking is necessary, but not to this extent. We have all done with bestial fervor, as soon as you decide to protect something. The ballet “Swan lake” may not be harmful. The classics are any special restrictions are not needed. And it’s not even that now children Mature earlier. Just a the age limit is unnecessary. Even if the child starts acting up during a performance, the mother can ask for just to come out and calm the baby. There are no serious problems,” she said.

“Moskovsky Komsomolets” supports this view, noting that in “Swan lake” it’s hard to remember any contentious issues, except for the short bursts of ballerinas. “By the way, the Opera “Eugene Onegin” is also labeled 12+. And there is even no short skirts,” writes the newspaper.

“Actually, this is a worldwide theatrical practice. The age limit of the public evening shows due to the fact that the children in the evening hours often get tired, fussy and interfere with his behavior to other spectators,” – said the press service of the Bolshoi theater, as reports “Interfax”.

It should be noted, at the Bolshoi theatre from June 17 to apply the new rules of selling ticketsaccording to which daily performances allowed viewers older than five years, and in the evening – with ten. However, to

And the General Director of theatre Vladimir urin said in comments to TASS that parents who are unable to get children to ballet, you can return the money for the tickets, subject to certain conditions.

“The money will return, if they are all paper will draw, as it should be. To fill out an application, there is a certain form which is then sent to the cashier of the Bolshoi theatre” – he said.

In the Bolshoi theatre have decided to protect spectators from the neighborhood with kids 24.11.2016

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