On Wednesday, the Bryansk regional court has sentenced Alexander Isaev, recognized as guilty of organizing a double contract killing. The motive for the massacre was hurt, the rest of the Isayeva after a fight in the cafe “do Not cry”, which was stopped by the guards of the institution.

The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 17 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of a strict mode. 43-year-old convict will also charge in favour of the victims moral damages in the amount of two million rubles, reports the official website of the regional court.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 13 June 2007, the native of Bryansk Alexander Isaev and his buddy Grishukov had a fight in the cafe “do Not cry” with the other campers. The fight was stopped by the guards of the institution. Then Isaev decided to kill both security and the role of the killer agreed to fulfill his friends Gennady Bobrikov and Yevgeny Chernyshev. As a reward they were promised 200 thousand rubles, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The killers came in the confidence of future victims and offered them assistance in job search. Under this pretext they took out 8 Dec 2007 two men in the woods in Letnenskoy area. There Chernyshov shot the guards charged sporting ammunition revolvers, and then the killer put the body a cable to the car and dragged into the woods, where he planned to burn the corpses and to bury.

When the attackers got to the hiding place, “dead” suddenly came to life and attacked the killer. Yet Blackburn fought off the attackers with a knife, Bobrikov in fear fled. At the scene, he returned in the night, taking with him a customer – Isayev and Elenatel. In the forest, the attackers saw three dead bodies and mortally wounded the guards smashed his head Chernyshov, and then died from the received stab wounds.

The body of the killer and his victims, the criminals threw into the pit, doused with fuel and burned. After that, they got rid of knives and guns found at the scene of the fight, writing “Bryansk news”.

Bobrikov and Grishukov was detained by police in 2008, Isaev managed to escape. Since January 2009, he was wanted. In December 2010 he was declared in the international search.

Alexander Grishakova and Gennady Bobrikov issued a verdict in December 2009. Customer jury found December 9, 2009 guilty under part 3 of article 33 paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 (“murder of two persons”) and part 1 of article 222 (“Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage or carrying of weapons”) of the criminal code. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison of strict regime.

Bobrikovo was charged with part 5 of article 33 paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 (“Complicity in murder of two persons”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. He was sentenced to six years in a colony of special regime. In addition, the condemned in a solidary order was required to pay to injured parties as compensation of moral harm of 500 thousand rubles.

22 April 2016 the second customer of murder have detained in Rostov-on-don. During personal inspection at Isaeva seized a revolver and ammunition.

In the Bryansk client is a cafe “do Not cry”, bogoslavsky killers to his guards, got 17 years in prison 01.12.2016

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