Work on next year’s budget in the legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region was suspended because of the threat of collapse. Wednesday, November 23, at the dome of the building was seen to crack, reports

“Was chosen first Deputy, and then God punished, Sexo. We can’t lose Him!” commented in Facebook the Deputy Vyacheslav Wegner, prompting users of the social network of the Association with the fall of the Chebarkul meteorite, on the eve of which, as reported by the website Ural.Daily, Chelyabinsk Governor Mikhail Yurevich reported to have said: “Yes, our Board on all sides criticize. But he who is without sin – let him first cast a stone at us”.

“At first glance, the impression, rather, it confirmed that “Hatta” (hotel “Hyatt Regency” located near the building of legislative Assembly) from the upper floors threw something, punched the top glass, the second cracked and pushed the third glass, it sagged. There is a certain possibility of destruction,” – said Wegner in comments “Interfax”.

A crack in the dome of the building of the regional Parliament came closer to the end of the day, immediately after the election of Victor Septia first Deputy speaker, said “the Statute.kom”.

“Now the sixth floor is completely closed for visitors. Experts are studying the possible consequences of the accident, there is fear that the glass might at any moment collapse into the lobby of the sixth floor. Local media reminded that earlier the glass dome of the building has already been replaced to new because of the partial destruction.

According to some, because of the threat of collapse had canceled the meeting of the conciliation Commission to finalize the draft budget of the region for 2017. In this event, in addition to deputies had to attend the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev and the relevant Ministers.

“Imagine: deputies, the Governor, journalists… All anxiously looking up at the cracks, which snakes across the dome of the building. Face pale. Blue lips whisper prayers. And then the glass falls… Restart”, – says the publication.

According to “the” the dome “, and may fall because stole a lot”. The building of the legislative Assembly, reminds the edition, constantly there were scandals, and the estimate was overstated by half.

“The total cost of construction amounted to 1.4 billion rubles. Plus 250 million was spent on additional equipment, excluding installation and the cost of the emblem. That is, can easily add more the same amount of public money”, – said in a note about the incident.

On lamps and chandeliers from the regional budget spent 37 million roubles at the fountains – 8 million rubles, on its own Studio 21.5 million Cost of construction per square meter of the building amounted to 72 thousand rubles per square meter. “It’s much more expensive than the construction of good housing, especially given that land builders have bought and bribes probably didn’t pay”, – noted journalists.

“Was first approved variant of the construction of 17-storey building of the Legislative Assembly, and then for the same money build 8-storey. In the course of construction carried out additional design work. The construction cost is usually doubled: at the time of the competition, it stood at 896 million,” the article says.

The building of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region in Yekaterinburg is located on the street Boris Yeltsin. It was built in 2009.

Meanwhile, the office buildings of the government of Sverdlovsk region says that the threat of collapse is absent. “Professionals serving the building, together with representatives of the contractor who erected the building currently on the spot study of breakage of one of the sections of the dome. The threat of collapse of the structure is missing. After assessing the condition of the roof in working order will be carried out repair and restoration activities. According to preliminary data, it could be a mechanical impact on the glass in one of the sections of the dome,” – said in an official statement about the incident.

In the building of Sverdlovsk legislative Assembly at the building of which “stole a lot”, burst the dome 24.11.2016

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