Investigators in Buryatia opened a criminal case on the fact of death of the patient in the therapeutic Department of Novo-Bryanskaya uchastkovaya hospital in Zaigraevsky district. According to preliminary data, the man was murdered by another patient, which the victim asked a strange question about the touchstone.

The body of 57-year-old patient who inflicted a stab wound to the chest, was discovered on the morning of October 6, 2016, reports the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation. On suspicion in murder in the building of medical institution was detained 51-the summer man who was treated in the therapeutic Department with the victim.

According to investigators, a few days before the incident, the suspect male was diagnosed with pneumonia, after which he was placed in the therapeutic Department of Novo-Bryanskaya uchastkovaya hospital. 5 Oct to it to the house for treatment was determined by another patient. The next morning after medical procedures, a male suspect got out of the room “in a few minutes returned with a knife in hand, approached the new arrivals to the patient and asked him a whetstone”.

“Strange question, the patient answered in the negative. At this point, an armed man suddenly struck his companion stabbed in the chest”, – explained in Department of the RF IC.

A witness to the murder was a neighbor of the alleged murderer and his victim in the ward. The witness immediately tried to leave the hall, however, the suspect was standing in his way. Between men a fight broke out. The cries for help in the house ran other patients who had managed to break up and push from the house armed patient.

“After that, the suspect tried to flee the scene, threw the knife, but did not have time to leave the hospital and was detained by the appeared in time police officers. A wounded man tried to provide medical care, but despite doctors ‘ efforts, he died shortly thereafter,” reads a press release.

Currently, investigators find out the motives “such a strange and unpredictable behavior of the suspect men.” The requested information about his mental state audits the records of drug treatment clinics. Also the question on election concerning it a preventive measure in the form of detention.

A criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

In the Buryat hospital patient stabbed a neighbor in the ward, which was not a whetstone 07.10.2016

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