Buryat animal rights activists last week exposed the entrepreneur from Ulan-Ude, which is fattened and sold dogs for meat and skins. After about the ugly business wrote to local media, unknown decided to punish the breeder and trashed her house. However, as it turned out, the Avengers had the wrong address and got to the neighbors.

As reported by “Telecom”, zoodefenders came across an ad on the popular website. Some Luba offered to buy “very fat young dog” on the fat or skin.

“She just brought us the dog said, this dog and in what condition it is in. We specifically raised for themselves, but since it is my dog, I can’t use it for food. And because of this, she decided to sell it”, – told reporters the canine Ivlev.

The seller confirmed that fattens dogs to slaughter, and at present it contains five individuals. Some of the dogs expected litters, puppies will also go on sale.

For Spaniel Bagheera animal rights activists have paid 3000 rubles. The dog was diagnosed with extreme obesity, it will diet and medical treatments, said veterinarian Natalia Romanova.

Infpol writes that the weight of the rescued dog is more than 20 kg. the Edition with reference to the participants of the rescue operation said that the woman, dormiva Bagheera, “absolutely adequate”. The publication expressed doubt that this case will result in the initiation of criminal proceedings – article 245 of the criminal code provides for punishment for those who bully animals from hooligan promptings, only in some cases, it may be a question of greed.

After these publications, according to “Argus TV”, the locals decided to punish the breeder. Her house was painted swear words, Windows broke. However, the Avengers had the wrong address and destroyed the house of her neighbors. Journalists managed to find a woman who sold her. She says that sold dog meat, but because they could not cope with six dogs. The announcement about the fat and the skin she said “just because”.

Now, says “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, in this story care of that. And if the abuse of animals still have questions, then defeat the house everything is clear, and detectives are trying to find participants in the lynching.

In the Buryatia Republic people’s Avengers, wanted to punish the breeder who sold the dog meat, but have the wrong address 20.10.2016

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