Large crater formed in the road in front of the railway station “Hakata” in Fukuoka, according to the website AsiaOne. The incident occurred early Tuesday morning, around 5:15 local time.

In the Network appeared the photographs and video from the place of incident, made by the witnesses. They are seen on the road formed two small funnels. Gradually, however, the area of the gaps expanded, and eventually they turned into one giant pit.

Currently, the depth of the crater reaches about 15 meters, width is about 27 meters, length – about 30 meters. According to the local government transport, the incident occurred in the area of construction works on the extension of one of the branches urban metro.

Large sinkhole opens up in Fukuoka

In the center of the Japanese city of Fukuoka fell to the ground the street (PHOTO) 08.11.2016

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