Administration officials kunashakskogo district of Chelyabinsk region has put the girl-the orphan in the structure of railway sleepers instead of the allotment allotted under the law comfortable home.

The girl complained to the regional Prosecutor’s office. During the Prosecutor’s check revealed that the district administration has acquired in the municipal property and subsequently gave the orphan a sort of barracks, whose walls are built of railway sleepers. Also in this “house” has no water and Sewerage, bathroom and interior doors, reported the Supervisory authority.

Prosecutors saw this as a fact of inefficient spending and violating the law on social protection of children-orphans. Materials Prosecutor’s check sent to the regional Investigative Committee to solve a question on criminal prosecution of officials of the district administration in paragraph “C” of part 3 of article 286 (“Excess of powers of office”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation for granting orphan housing unfit for habitation. The head of the municipality made a representation about elimination of the revealed violations, the report said.

Kunashaksky district is one of the most corrupt municipalities in the region, the Agency said Currently on trial the former head of the administration of this district Vadim Zakirov and his Deputy Diana Ibragimov, the former head of the criminal investigation local police Department Vitaly Zaripova and former chief of traffic police Danis Nuriakhmetova and many other officials for bribery and fraud. The previous head of kunashaksky municipal district Tanir Yanbaev, who led the municipality to 2010, was convicted of negligence.

Practice to settle graduates of orphanages in barracks and emergency houses is widespread in Russia. Often in these cases, the officials refer to the lack of available apartments.

In the Chelyabinsk region officials put the orphan to the barracks of railway sleepers 10.11.2016

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