At the Jewish Museum and tolerance Centre in Moscow on the eve of the opening of the cinema club, during which was shown a documentary film directed by Helena Recently “Vaska”, telling about the pupil of the boarding school. The ribbon completes the author’s trilogy devoted to the problems of living in boarding children and adults.

These problems and their solutions have become the subject of discussion directed to the crowded auditorium of the centre of tolerance. “Vaska” was also attended by representatives of state institutions, and volunteers and simply not indifferent to the plagues of society and a sharp films Elena Recently people. After her smashing hit, “Mother, I will kill you” (2013) about the life of pupils of Moscow boarding school for orphans with disabilities Vice-Premier of the RF government Olga Golodets instructed the Ministry of education and the Ministry of health to take measures to improve the monitoring of psycho-medical-pedagogical commissions, which decide whether the child needs in the content in a specialized institution.

“Do we begin again our documentary film societies in the tolerance Center and we open my own new film “Vaska”. If I say that this is the third part of the orphan trilogy, you will think it’s a boring movie on a specific topic, ideologically correct, but terribly boring. Don’t think so. This is a very inspiring movie. It seems to me, my first film with a happy ending,” wrote Pogrebizhskaya on his page on the social network Facebook. The post of Director is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

The film, conceived, according to Recently the biography of a man, a doomed man “to the death” to be at “the lowest level of the orphan’s hell”, filmed two years and was completed last fall. The painting was included in the competition program of the Moscow documentary films festival “Artdokfest” and in one day was open for viewing at the festival of documentary films “the New newspaper” – for days it looked about seven thousand people.

“Society threw such people out of life, not understanding. But a healthy society in General anybody never throws out,” said Pogrebizhskaya during the discussion of the film. Her interesting stories that can be described with the phrase “man vs. colossus” is whether the state system, disease, or human indifference. And a picture of “Vaska”, judging by the speeches of the participants of the cinema club, gives you the inspiration to help people caught in such a situation, “re-something” and start doing “small good deeds”.

The film is based on charitable donations and the online audience (crowd funding). And now Pogrebizhskaya has announced the collection of money in the Network to send “Vaska” to the film festivals. “It’s important that our film was seen by people outside the country too. So, we need to translate the film in two European language, submitterbot it and send it out to festivals. The most significant festivals require a fee. How much money now can get on as many festivals and send. A big part of documentary filmmaking in our country is taken out on government money. If I stand in this long line to the checkout, I’m afraid you lose your freedom”, – said in the appeal Director.

Last Saturday the movie “Vaska” was posted and shared on the website Recently Р

The film with Helena Recently held at the tolerance Center with 2013. “This partnership is very important for the center because during each meeting, the audience is not just watching a movie. The cinema club – a unique space for dialogue: with the lead, with the audience and with himself. It is a conversation about our lives, about what each of us can do to change it for the better… It’s an opportunity to see and discuss social movie, filmed by many contemporary Directors. These films share one thing: after they want not only to talk but also to do”, – said the Executive Director of the Jewish Museum and tolerance Center Elena pronicheva.

The documentary film club will continue to meet in the center of the tolerance time in two weeks (the next screening is scheduled for 10 February). Conduct of the meeting will be Shirley Bassey.

In the cinema club, which opened at the tolerance Centre of the Jewish Museum, spoke about orphans 01.02.2016

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