In the Omsk Park of culture and rest named after the 30th anniversary of the Komsomol cut down the trees in the Avenue of veterans of the FPS. The Park management States that after clearing the area will be carried out compensatory planting. Local people discussing in the Internet the felling of trees, criticizing the authorities ‘ actions.

According to “the New Omsk, a few clearings in the city Park already cleared of trees where there was only stumps and branches. Workers laid next to the paving.

As it turned out, felling trees authorized by the Park management. “Work was carried out in the framework of creation of Avenue of veterans of the FPS. Emergency old trees we cut down and will land a new in the amount of 106 pieces,” – said the publication of the acting Director of the municipal enterprise of the city of Omsk “Park of culture and rest named after the 30th anniversary of VLKSM Sergey Voronin.

In the city hall reported that the area of Avenue of veterans of the UFSIN (Department of the Federal service of execution of punishments across the Omsk region. – Approx. will be one hectare. In addition to the young trees there will be a fountain with lighting, benches, lights, and 17 large boulders, specially brought from the Altai. According to plan a new public space is planned to open in October 2016.

On the website of the Park submitted plans for the landscaping in 2016. According to the scheme, on the territory of the recreation Park must be new green spaces instead of demolished.

Meanwhile, the local residents disapproved of the decision of the municipal leadership to create an alley on the felled trees. “Half of the city in vacant lots, but the alley should be on the site of the trees in the Park”, – resents one of the users of “Live Journal”. “Explain to me, why not put this alley in a different location, where the wasteland?” – outraged one of the commentators of the post. “Tellingly, in another part of the Park the trees are still planted. However, a fair amount of seedlings already bent,” says another commentator.

At the same time one of the users said that the current green spaces in Omsk more like “launched, not much beautiful, old woods” “all solid maple and poplar”. “Therefore, in addition to preserving and landscaping should be rejuvenation and raznoobrazhivaet” greens,” added the commentator. At the same time, the user has recognized that the establishment of the neat lanes along with planting her trees – “it is a utopia today in Omsk”.

Another user said this, cut down that “abstract poplar, maple,” and “specific birch grove, and for a long time”. “That’s why we had to cut the corner of the Park, to erect a monument to home front workers?” – asked a rhetorical question commentator.

Previously the city has had scandals because of the construction and felling of trees in Gorky Park imeni 30-letiya VLKSM. The local company OOO “Kedr”, which the press associated with the name of the former chief of police Victor Cameras, several years is building a four-story theater with a food court, three-storey café, as well as a water Park and a children’s entertainment centre in the Park.

Even if the mayor Victor Schrader, the city hall without the auction gave the company two plots of a total area of about 3.5 hectares. In 2012, when work began on the construction of the buildings, the builders had a conflict with the children’s riding club. Since then, the site basically resemble litigation “Cedar” and the mayor’s office, says “New Omsk. In the spring of last year, the company carried out felling 188 trees, promising to plant a sapling 564.

Municipal enterprise of the city of Omsk “Park of culture and rest named after the 30th anniversary of the Komsomol was established on may 24, 1940. The facility includes Park, “Soviet”, a Garden named after S. M. Kirov, garden “Siberia” and Park im. 30-letiya Pobedy.

In the city Park of Omsk cut down the trees in the Avenue of veterans of the FPS 27.09.2016

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