Commissioner for human rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova ordered to check correctional institution Vladimir region, including a colony of N1, which contained the main defendant in the case “Oboronservis” Evgenia Vasilyeva. In late August former official was released on PAROLE, after which the Prosecutor’s office told me to check the judge Illya Galagan, who ruled.

“It is planned to conduct appropriate background checks of the rights and freedoms contained in correctional institutions UFSIN of Russia across Vladimir region”, – said in response Pamfilova at the request of the Deputy from the Communist party Sergei Obukhov. A copy of the letter of the Ombudsman is available to the RIA “Novosti”.

In late August, the Ombudsman stated his intention to appeal to the President of Russia with a proposal to authorize the security Council to review the case “Oboronservis”. According to Pamfilova, the beginning of the history of the criminal case, one of the defendants which was Vasilyeva, was shameful, and the end is shocking.

Presnensky court of Moscow has sentenced the former official to five years imprisonment in a penal colony on may 8, with a large portion of this penalty amounted to the measure during the investigation – house arrest. Thus, already convicted in August were able to request parole, for which she had to serve at least half of the period.

As mentioned in the sentence, finishing in February 2010, the head of the Department of the defense Ministry, Vasiliev developed the criminal plan to steal the budget. The court also found her guilty of money laundering, in the sale of stolen property defense Department.

Together with Vasilyeva were convicted, four – Maxim Zakutaylo, Larissa Egorin, Irina Egorova and Yuri Grechnev who have received sentences ranging from three and a half to five years. All the defendants, except Vasilyeva, challenged the verdict. Father Vasilyeva, businessman Nikolay Vasilyev, fully indemnified losses in the amount of more than 216 million rubles for all the victims involved in the case.

In the colony, which contained Vasiliev, will test 21.09.2015

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