In the Amur region, the military Prosecutor of the garrison of the Annunciation
found new theft in the construction of the Vostochny space centre on
half a billion rubles, reported on Friday, October 14, on the website the Main
the military Prosecutor’s office. The money the General contractor of the Federal
Agency for special construction (Spetsstroy Russia) abundantly
supplied a broken company that was to build a complex for processing construction waste.

“The head of one of the enterprises, the General contractor at Spetsstroy
Russia – in violation of the contractual relationship for the construction of
processing of construction waste at the cosmodrome East listed
advance payments to a contractor that has not fulfilled its obligations under
previous payments, wrongfully increasing the advance payments to
80%”, – reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

This not only resulted in inefficient spending of budget funds in
the amount of half a billion rubles, but the failure of the construction period of the project.

According to the materials of the military prosecutors unscrupulous performers
state contracts prosecuted.
Measures are taken to compensate state for damages.

The very existence of Spetsstroy, structurally assigned to the defense Ministry
Of the Russian Federation, is
under threat
because of a devastating report on its activities and
condition, which had been prepared in the government office
and has reached President Vladimir Putin. Verification activities
Spetsstroy began the staff of the Main control Directorate,
previously it was checking the accounts chamber, Prosecutor General and the Investigative
the Committee.

Conversations about the fate of the Agency began almost simultaneously with the
problems at the spaceport, being built in 2012. Supervising
the space industry, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin wrote in November 2015
informed the President that the Agency performs work only 15-40% of the
cost of contracts, entrusting third-party entities not
only the bulk of the work, but also create a design and estimate

During construction of the cosmodrome was opened more than 30 criminal
Affairs, the last of embezzlement – instituted
May 11, against the contractor who worked on objects of the cosmodrome.
The amount of the theft was called different – from seven to 11 billion rubles.
Builders have repeatedly complained
delays and unpaid wages.

In may of Spetsstroy has lost the status of sole contractor on
the spaceport, and at the end of July it turned out,
to complete the construction of the first stage of the cosmodrome
The Spetsstroy out of nearly seven billion.

The inspections were accompanied by arrests of employees Spestroya. The
senior of them was arrested
in early July, Deputy Director Alexander Buryakov, his accused
fraud on contracts with the defense Ministry to 450 million rubles.

In the construction of complex waste management on the Eastern spaceport stolen half a billion rubles 14.10.2016

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