In the Kuibyshev district court of St.-Petersburg on Wednesday began consideration of the claims of the billionaire Eugene Prigogine to the operator of the search system “Yandex” reports “Fontanka”. The businessman became the first citizen, which in the Northern capital opened the judicial practice of applying the so-called law on the right to oblivion, the newspaper “St. Petersburg diary”.

Earlier it was reported that restaurateur and the owner of the Corporation “Concord” Eugene Prigogine from March 16 to may 25, had filed 15 claims to “Yandex” for refusing to remove not satisfied with his links to information about him from search results – statements of claim were consolidated into one case. Another lawsuit was filed by a businessman to Google, two – to Mail.Ru Group.

With effect from 1 January 2016, the law requires Internet search system at the request of a citizen without a court order to remove from search results links to illegal, inaccurate or outdated information about the applicant. If the search engine refuses to remove the data, the citizen can sue.

Two claims to Mail.Ru Group, filed Prigogine in Kuibyshev court, the proceedings were terminated at the preliminary meeting, on 18 may. Lawyer businessman Sergei Bobrovsky refused to disclose the reasons for the decision, citing the requirement of complete confidentiality by his client.

Answering the question of the Internet-editions “Fontanka” about the reasons for the termination of litigation with the company Alisher Usmanov, a representative of the Prigogine said, “the good People, what to sue them”.

The Kuibyshevsky district court on Wednesday decided to consider the merits of a civil action Prigogine. Maria Vasilyeva, the judge refused to satisfy the petition of the lawyer of the plaintiff on holding hearings behind closed doors. Representatives of “Yandex” did not attend the meeting, but stated in writing that no objection to beginning the trial on the merits.

Answering the judge’s question about the nature of the information that Prigogine would like to remove from search engine “Yandex”, lawyer Sergei Bobrovsky explained that the articles that are opened by the specified in claims the links are all listed in the new law of Foundation – “the irrelevance, inaccuracy and illegality”.

In turn, the correspondent of “Fontanka” reported from the court that during the investigation of the case of one of the publications that are accessed through the “Yandex” wants to close a businessman, judge Maria Vasilyeva called the article of 12 Jan, posted on the newspaper’s website, is “the Empire of Prigogine took military camps”. It told about the state contracts for the sum of 26 billion rubles obtained, according to the author, similar to the plaintiff companies for the maintenance of objects of the defense Ministry. It was noted that firms were created recently and did not have the necessary licenses.

The study of materials to which Prigogine, who, by the way, June 1 is 55 years old, asks to close access, is ongoing. In particular, the references mentioned article about the alleged theft in the structures, which are associated with Prigogine, and the Agency Internet research, known in the press as a”Troll Factory”.

Recall that in 2011, “Novaya Gazeta” wrote, as Prigogine-owned firm “the Concorde management and consulting” has won the tender for the provision of students from a few dozen schools hot lunch, and what a scandal occurred when the Prigogine first ordered to fire the chefs and dismantle the equipment of canteens in schools, and soon offered to return employees to work.

Forbes magazine in 2013 described a career Prigogine, whom the media called the “untouchables” of the “cohort of close ties” of President Vladimir Putin, noting that in 11 years he went from being the high-profile dinners for the President to largest defense contractor.

Recently broke another scandal involving Prigogine. The investigative Committee in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case after a chase of the motorcade billionaire who refused to obey the orders of employees spetsbatalona traffic police to stop. According to police, the man, is very similar to Prigogine, left the interior of the BMW and fled the office. Then began a conflict between the FSB, the traffic police and protection of a billionaire. Only after an hour both the driver and the guard of a businessman who attempted to break up the video performance of the FSB, were detained. Prigogine participation in the conflict was not accepted.

With regard to the law on the “right to oblivion”, “Yandex” and Group previously refused the majority of users, who demanded to remove certain information. At the same time, “Yandex” and Google’s appeal of a reputable businessman Sergei Mikhailov, who was mentioned in the press as one of the leaders of the Solntsevo OPG, has restricted the issuing of results for queries involving the nickname Mikhas Mikhailov and references Solntseva.

In the court of St. Petersburg has started consideration of the claims of the billionaire Prigogine, seeking the “right to oblivion” 02.06.2016

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