Chairman of the regional public organization “Congress of Russian communities of Crimea”, Deputy of the state Council of the Republic Sergey Shuvaynikov announced the beginning of fundraising for the erection of a monument to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is expected that the monument, which should be installed in Simferopol, will appear before the next presidential election in 2018, reports “Kriminform”.

According to Shuvaynikov, the veterans of the Russian movement of the Crimea asked it to consider the creation and installation in Simferopol the monument to Vladimir Putin as the man who played a key role in the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia.

“We commend the leadership of the “Crimean spring” Sergey Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov, who led and supported the Crimean people in the difficult hour of trial. But even more, we highly appreciate the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not turned away from the multinational Crimea and in a difficult moment of history came to the defense of their compatriots who supported our democratic choice in the Crimean average referendum”, – stated in the collective letter of Simferopol.

The authors of the letter believe that the construction of the monument will serve as the Patriotic education of the Crimean and especially the young generation. “We, the veterans of the Russian movement, I would like to in our lifetime in the Crimea was a monument to our most distinguished fellow – Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made a historic feat, he returned the Crimea to Russia, and reliably protect our present and our future, our children and grandchildren”, – said in the letter.

Shuvaynikov explained that the Congress of Russian communities of Crimea at the General meeting decided to develop the project of a monument-symbol in the form of the Russian captain at the helm of the ship and supply the pedestal with the Russian President, he said at a rally in Moscow March 18, 2014: “After a long, hard and exhausting voyage, Crimea and Sevastopol returning to home port, to their native shores, the port of permanent registration in Russia!”

Shuvaynikov added that you have already created an initiative group, formed volunteer groups to collect donations for a monument-symbol, the plan of organization works. In particular, it is a question of finding the artist who will create the sketches of the monument for pictures of Putin. During the discussion, the Deputy noticed, most of the activists favoured the opening of the monument in Simferopol before the elections of the President of Russia, which will be held in 2018.

In addition, Shuvaynikov previously expressed appreciation to all the Crimeans who will respond to the call of the Congress of Russian communities of Crimea and will donate the funds for the monument. He reported that the estimated cost of the monument will be about 10 million rubles, and to accelerate the collection of funds the Deputy personally turn to colleagues at session of the state Council, will distribute information to members of the government at the meeting of the Council of Ministers and send targeted emails to entrepreneurs.

This summer, the General public has become aware that in the Krasnodar region in the resort suburb of Novorossiysk in the territory of the hotel complex “Metroklub” in the village of Shirokaya Balka Machackova rural district about a year stands a bust of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to media reports, the bust is made in Moscow and was installed a year ago, 12 June 2015, but the opening was not “kept relatively quiet”. The initiator of the installation was Alex Levin, Chairman of the branch of the public organization “Labour valour of Russia”, which is located on the territory of “Metroklub”.

The inscription on the pedestal reads: “In gratitude for the return of the ancient Russian territories of the Russian Federation”. The idea of creating a bust appeared immediately after the accession of Crimea to Russia, explained Levin.

The idea to establish a monument to Putin when life is not new, have already implemented. Russia’s first monument to Putin was considered a monument in Pskov the work of local sculptor Valery Kuzmin, outdoor August 19, 2004, in the square before the building of the Pskov children’s regional hospital on street and Utilities. Since the municipality permission to install did not give him a day dismantled.

In may 2015 the new Cossack hamlet in the village of Agalatovo near St. Petersburg took place the opening of the bust of Putin as a Roman Emperor.

As stated on the website of the project “Monuments of the world,” Zurab Tsereteli has produced a sculpture of Putin in 2004 and offered it as a gift to St. Petersburg, but they refused, so the sculpture remained standing in the gallery Tsereteli in Moscow. The product is called “healthy body, healthy spirit”, but unofficially it is called the “monument to Putin in Moscow.”

In the Crimea began collecting money for a monument to Putin 17.10.2016

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