Unknown in the night on Friday destroyed a monument to Vladimir Lenin, installed in 1930 in Sudak in the Crimea. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the actions of bullies.

The destruction of the monument on Friday, October 21, reported the press service of the local city administration. “On the night of October 21, 2016, unknown persons destroyed the monument to Lenin established in the city Park of Sudak. At present law enforcement bodies on the fact of hooliganism carried out investigative actions”, – stated in the message.

Head of the Department of information and public relations of the Ministry of interior of the Republic of Crimea Olga Kondrashova told TASS that the fact of destruction of the monument was registered by the internal Affairs bodies in accordance with the law. “Conducted verification activities”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The power of the Pike has already stated that they intend to restore the monument to Lenin, because the people consider him a “symbol of the history of the city during the Soviet period.”

The monument was erected in Sudak in 1930, for the 60th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin. During the great Patriotic war the monument was destroyed. In 1955, the facility was restored, and in 1969 put on record as a monument of history and monumental art.

Vandals destroyed the monument is one of two remaining in the perch after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The second installed in the Park on school property N2, said in the city administration.

In the Crimean Sudak, unknown persons broke the statue of Lenin. The monument stood in the gardens since the 1930s pic.twitter.com/qYXibZcbsj

In the Crimea destroyed the historical statue of Lenin 21.10.2016

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