About 15 thousand children in 100 schools of the Russian Federation will be able this year to meet the physical education lessons with Golf, said the head of the Golf Association of Russia Viktor Khristenko met with the acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

“This year, 100 schools of the Russian Federation, the sport included in the curriculum as an extra gym class. At the initial stage of the course it is planned to introduce about 15 thousand children. The second stage is the involvement of adolescents in school sports clubs. Here already more qualified teachers, a real sports equipment” – quoted Khristenko press service of the head of Tatarstan.

The Minnikhanov supported the idea and promised to promote Golf in schools and Tatarstan. “We will develop the corresponding project, purchase the necessary equipment: a plastic putter and safe balls. Need to acquaint children with this sport. Besides that he is very fascinating, Golf instills people with a culture of behavior”, – believes the head of the Republic.

Khristenko told about the current state of Golf in Russia. According to him, today there are half a dozen Golf courses, relevant international standards, one and a half thousand registered players and less than 50 professional trainers. Another five thousand people at least once was holding a stick.

“For 145 million country is very small, given that Golf is now an Olympic sport”, he said, proposing to reclassify coaches in school physical education teachers.

He also noted that Tatarstan, having available all the necessary infrastructure, have the potential to become a center for training professional golfers. Rustam Minnikhanov supported the idea, but stressed that to achieve this goal it is necessary to conduct a great job.

In the curriculum of the 100 schools in Russia this year included Golf 13.09.2015

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