Considered lost, the picture of one of the founders of world cinema, French filmmaker Marie-Georges-Jean méliès discovered in the Czech Republic, reports The Guardian.

A two-minute silent film called Match de Prestidigitation (“the Contest of magicians”) was established in 1904. “Now the process of restoration in the National film archive of the Republic”, – told TASS the head of Department on public relations of this organization Jan Alipova.

As told Alipova, on the box with the film was the title of another painting by Georges méliès, but experts quickly determined that it is a “Contest of magicians”. “We can assume that a miracle happened. This sensation is primarily for professionals in the field of the history of cinematography”, she said.

The film shows the magician, which is divided into two people, competing in showing different tricks, but then they re-merge.

Located in Prague’s National film archive is a unique film gave the Czech collector. The donor, whose name is Yana Osipova declined to name, did not expect that kept the work of cinema’s exceptional cultural and historical value.

The film archive was transferred to the bobbin with a roll of old film, including three films of the last century, including “the Contest of magicians”.

The authenticity of the film also confirmed by the experts from France. It is expected that his new film will take place in the Czech capital as part of a retrospective of méliès, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Georges Méliès was born 8 December 1861 in the family of the owner of a Shoe factory. He served in the infantry, he entered the School of fine arts, studied in London. Returning to France, became a magician.

in 1897 Méliès founded the Star Film Studio on his estate in Montreux, where he began the production of short films. In particular, he filmed staged scenes, reproducing real events – for example, the short film “the Dreyfus Affair”, “the Coronation of Edward VII”. For some pictures of Melies used special effects, based on the freeze frame, time-lapse photography, double and multiple exposure, fast and slow pulling of the film.

From 1896 to 1913 Méliès made over 500 films ranging from one to 40 minutes, of which about 200 survived. One of the most famous works Director – Comedy “journey to the moon” (1902), which became the first in the history of cinema science-fiction film.

Méliès died in 1938 at the age of 76 years at the home for elderly actors in Paris. Buried in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise.

In the Czech Republic discovered the lost film of the founder of the world cinema of Georges méliès 12.10.2016

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