In the French Alps near mount Blanc, killing the base jumper from Russia. The local edition of Le Parisien , citing AFP reports that the young man crashed after a jump in a wingsuit (costume-wing, allowing the athlete to reduce the vertical fall speed). Later the portal said that it was the victim of the Ural base jumper Ratmir Narimanov.

On his page in the social network “Vkontakte” on Monday evening the young man left the last entry: “I Flew to Chamonix (the French town at the foot of Mont Blanc – Approx. in search of a better life.” Making this record, Narimanov gone, the reporters.

As told the publication the familiar base jumper, Narimanov didn’t answer, didn’t answer personal messages in social networks and messenger. Failed to communicate with him and journalists. The Internet practically at once began to spread information about that in the French Alps crashed it, and wife was already in the lineup,” the newspaper notes.

Representatives of the professional community of skydivers have already confirmed that Narimanov died. In a press-service of the company Aviasales, which is a personal sponsor base jumper, confirmed the publication of information about what killed it. His wife is now working with the local police. Daria Nagumanova she later wrote on his page “Vkontakte” gratitude VEM for support.

“Thank you very much. Don’t know how we can help. All organizational issues are solved itself,” wrote the wife of the deceased base jumper.

Ratmir Narimanov – known in Russia and throughout the world, the base jumper, famous for extreme jumping. He jumped as the city’s buildings, and from the tops of the mountains.

In the French Alps crashed the famous Ural base jumper 04.10.2016

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