On Monday morning, October 24, in French Calais began a large-scale operation to eliminate the camps of migrants “Jungle”, the existence of which has repeatedly sparked protests. Refugees lined up to register and take the bus that takes them to temporary accommodation centres throughout the country, reports France24.

A few thousand people, mostly from Sudan, have to get famous in the hangar area of 3000 square meters, where arranged interviews with officials from the French Office for immigration and integration. To distribute people for directions, officials use colored bracelets.

Many reporters claim that everything is quiet and very peaceful. Migrants line up with suitcases, backpacks and bags. Morning in Calais was cold, and as the camp was set in motion before dawn, many wrapped in blankets.

According to preliminary data, in the “Jungle” is currently 6,400 people. The capacity of the centres for which they are redistributed, is 7500.

Dmantlement de la jungle #1 Calais Jour : les 1ers migrants volontaires ft la queue depuis Le centre ouvre 6h 8h pic.twitter.com/PU6nUGEPar

In the French Calais began operation on liquidation of camps of migrants in the Jungle (PHOTO, VIDEO) 24.10.2016

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