The power of the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia has published alarming statistics of sexual crimes committed in aqueous complexes of General use. From the beginning, the pools were dozens of cases of sexual assault. But not always the perpetrators of the harassment of migrants.

Since the beginning of this year, the police North Rhine – Westphalia was filed 103 complaints about sexual offences committed in the pools. In 44 cases the victims complained that they were harassed migrants, writes Rheinische Post , citing regional police Department (LZPD).

“The charges range from abuse and actions exhibitionistic nature to coercion and rape”, – said the press-Secretary of the LZPD. According to him, the level of crime involving migrants “overproportional”.

The press got an e-mail for official use only addressed to the police in düsseldorf. The letter States that the city is “a marked increase in” sex crimes. First of all “the complaints on the young men, including migrants, who stay in groups and stick to the women.”

In this regard, police patrols received recommendations to take photographs of suspects in the pools and to document the important data like telephone numbers and their locations for more efficient collection of evidence, writes InoPressa.

Sexual perverts, including those coming from abroad, and faced police in other regions of Germany. For example, recently the guardians of the law in bad Cannstatt near Stuttgart, in Baden-württemberg) arrested 43-year-old British citizen, who in the night of 28 June was masturbating, standing naked near the window of the hotel. Tourist-punter noticed three girls at the age 18-19 years old, held this time on the street. The foreigner also noticed on looking at him to be German, but instead of this neglect only “intensified their manipulation”.

Offended by the pervert girl went to the police, after which the Englishman was briefly detained, wrote Bild.

We also add that the problem of sexual harassment in the pools encountered in neighboring Austria. However, not all reports of rape bathers turned out to be true. At the end of June the big public resonance was caused by the message that the women’s locker room pool the city Mistelbach an der Zaya was raped a 13 year old girl. The girl described the attacker as dark-skinned foreigner.

City hall was so scared that he immediately forbade to let the migrants in the pool. However, after several interrogations, the girl, being confused in the testimony, confessed that he had invented the story of rape, writes

In the German region since the beginning of the year were more than 100 cases of harassment in the pools 06.07.2016

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