In Sevastopol, in the house of the Cossack ataman, the head of the local branch of the National liberation movement (NOD) of Anatoly Mareta the search took place, organized by the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the framework of the criminal case for libel against the local judges, which was filed after the publication of the Mareta of the article on the newspaper’s website “news of Sevastopol”. It is reported “Crimea.Realii” citing an anonymous source. Official comments of the investigators there. As reported Sevastopol.suataman voluntarily handed over to the investigators his home computer.

On 7 October it became known that SK the Russian Federation in Sevastopol opened a criminal case on slander (part 1 of article 298.1) to the judge. According to investigators, in July 2016 “news of Sevastopol” published article with false information about obtaining a judge of the district court of Sevastopol funds for making “soft” sentence the defendant. The name of the judge has not been named. On the court’s website indicated the judge Kolupaeva, O. A.

As noted, “the Crimea.Realities”, the test article was initiated by the Kremlin-controlled judicial Council of Sevastopol. According to members of the Board, the text contained libel against the local judges involved in the “case of Nikolai Sokolov” – Sevastopol-known developer who ran over and killed two teenagers 16 and 18 years.

The Nakhimov district court of Sevastopol ruled that the March 15, 2016, the falcons drove a vehicle while intoxicated, and made arrival on two teenagers who from the received traumas has died on the spot. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment in a colony-settlement and three years of deprivation of the driving license. Later, the Sevastopol city court has tightened the punishment Sokolov, changing the colony-settlement in the colony of General regime.

Anatoly Mareta, in his article expressed dissatisfaction with the verdict. He wrote: “This funny time killer of two children, owner of a sixteen-grocery store Nikolai Sokolov 4 years resorts on the Black sea! How much did he pay for that the judge and prosecutors?”.

Mareta and his colleagues recently turned to the Deputy of the state Duma and the leader of the Russian NOD Yevgeny Fyodorov with a request to hold against the fact of a criminal case against the Deputy Cossack test.

According to the Criminal code, defamation against a judge is punishable by a fine or up to two million rubles, or compulsory work up to 360 hours.

In 2015, Anatoly Mareta attracted to administrative responsibility for conduct inconsistent with the authorities of the rally in support of the policies of President Vladimir Putin. Then the chieftain was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 10 thousand rubles.

In the house of the Sevastopol chieftain and member of the NOD was searched 12.10.2016

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