First available blind people picture appeared in the Irkutsk art Museum. V. Sukachev in the framework of the project “Touching the art”.

The Museum staff decided to create a relief copy of the works from his collection to visitors with limited vision could have imagined canvases. The first tactile copy got a picture of Ilya Repin “is Poor. Girl-fishwife”. It was created in Torzhok for a company that specializiruetsya on these works, says the website of the Museum.

“The process took several months, but the result was worth it. Tactile copy allows to recognize not only the facial features of the heroine of this piece, but also items of clothing, parts of the landscape. On the frame there is a signature, written in Braille,” says Natalia Goncharenko, project curator and Deputy Director of the art Museum.

Funds for the creation of “touching work” gathered on the platform “Bumstartere”. About 85 people donated to the Museum a total of 340 thousand rubles. With this amount I had to pay taxes and management fee crowdfunding platform, the remaining money is enough to cover ordering and delivery to Irkutsk one embossed pattern.

“The first picture was familiarized children with limitations impaired. Excursion in the main building of the art Museum for them was held on Friday, October 14, on the eve of International white cane day. This day was established more than 40 years ago and is celebrated annually on 15 October as a sign to remind people about people with disabilities and the need for their integration into society. In the future, the Museum is ready to conduct these tours to groups by appointment”, – stated in the message.

In the Irkutsk Museum. Sukachev appeared first tactile picture 14.10.2016

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