In the Irkutsk region, deputies of the city Duma of Baikalsk, a fight over the distribution of travel. Advocating that additional funds went to pay of the administration, cuss out opponents, and then a fight broke out, reports the website “the Voice of lake Baikal”.

The incident occurred during a meeting of the budget Committee on November 1. On consideration of deputies was passed one question: on the distribution of additional revenues in the amount of 1.5 million rubles for the needs of the administration.

Irk.Ru reports that the fight was attended by deputies Larchenko and Shafts. Larchenko defended the use of money to pay for travel expenses. His opponents argue that favoured the growth of social spending.

Duma Deputy Alexander Shendrik, who witnessed the incident, confirmed that Larchenko insulted Valova, and then got up and attacked him with his fists. He said that he saw at least two blows to the face.

Larchenko to comment on the incident refused.

Shafts after the incident, wrote a statement to the police and the investigative Committee. Comments in the “Voice of lake Baikal” Walls said he first saw Larchenko so aggressive in his assertion of the opponents he called suckers. “I personally asked him to select words and expressed the position that there is a sucker only if he. What he jumped from his chair and ran to me. I was 3-4 meters away from him. Realizing that he is running to me not for a handshake, I too rose from his chair. But he immediately using the mats, and began waving his fists. Of course, I must admit, I also had to answer him. Almost immediately joined the deputies and began to separate us.”

According to gross, “the Deputies continued to work Larchenko continued to occur, after which it was decided that the administration will not get a penny of the 1.5 million”.

In the Irkutsk region deputies got into a fight over travel 06.11.2016

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