Scientists discovered in the Usolsky district of the Irkutsk region destroyed the ancient encampment of Ust “White”, opened in 1960-ies. As reported
“Vesti-Irkutsk”, on the site of archaeological finds now is the fire trench, several kilometers.

Apparently, he dug the staff of the local forestry. Candidate of historical Sciences, senior researcher of the yoke Ivan Berdnikov called the incident “disgraceful.”

“These are cultural layers – layers. Which allows us to trace how they were formed. And to establish the age of each of them separately. This is a unique case and a unique location. And of course, it is a disgrace what is happening!” – protested the scientist.

According to a leading specialist-expert of the regional service for the protection of cultural heritage Inga Sterkhovoe in the dumps and the trench was discovered archaeological material, and the object of archaeology has been harmed because of the violation of the cultural layer.

Presumably, employees of Usolsky forest thus opaali taiga to not spread the flames of forest fires. Experts have dug up a picture of the Parking lot and drew up a report – in it they’re going to make a claim to the Ministry of Forestry of the Irkutsk region.

Like Parking in some regions of Russia are common. In 2004, knyazhpogostsky district, Komi Republic, a settlement of ancient people was
discovered one of the local fishermen. According to the researchers, such sites in the Republic was opened more than a thousand.

Among the antiquities discovered by the fisherman, the “age” finds were a flint arrowhead, Dating from the Neolithic. Four scraper made of silicon, as well as two fragments of pottery with clearly visible ornament belonged to the Ananyino culture of the early iron age.

In the Irkutsk region forestry staff tossed an ancient 12.10.2016

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