In the village of lugovskiy Mamsko-Chuiskiy district of Irkutsk region, the investigators found the building, which together contain kindergarten and by the lunatics. Regional Department of the Investigative Committee organized a test and came to the conclusion that the life and health of children in this situation are at risk. SK appealed to the local authorities to consider the question of dismissal of officials, the orders which led to the fact that the kindergarten and the psychiatric Department was in one building.

The investigative Committee launched a probe against officials of the neuropsychiatric Department of RSBEPH “Complex center of social service of the population Mamsko-Chuiskiy district” according to information published in the media, reports the press service of the Ministry. Investigative activities are conducted with the assistance of the Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Irkutsk region.

During check it is established that the neuropsychiatric Department was introduced in the structure of the MUCH order of the Ministry of social development, custody and guardianship of the Irkutsk region dated October 27, 2015. The facility is designed for disabled persons over the age of 18 with chronic mental illness and needing constant care.

In 2016, in the neuropsychiatric Department was placed for a permanent stay of 30 such patients. Of these, 26 people have been recognized incapacitated by his mental state that, “obviously, to a very large extent eliminates the orderliness of their behaviour”, said SK.

In this case, as found by the investigators, specified psychoneurological Department occupies part of the building, which also hosted two groups of the kindergarten. At the time of inspection of the scene there were pupils.

In addition, it was found that the building has a corridor connecting the psychoneurological Department and kindergarten. Separating these premises the door at the time of inspection was open. It also appeared that children and the mentally ill walking in the same place and time. “Obviously, in this situation, any child safety we can not go, as about the observance of fire safety regulations for preschool educational institutions”, – noted in SK.

Investigators also found a number of suspicious moments in the work of the neuropsychiatric Department. Medical care disabled people there have either a health post of the village lugovskiy, the only paramedic who is on maternity leave, or doctors, MUCH of the “District hospital p. Mom”, located tens of kilometers from the neuropsychiatric Department. Thus, the provision of emergency assistance to the disabled “virtually impossible”, made in the UK.

Also in the institution is not equipped with rates neurologist and psychiatrist, and the doctors are missing. “The rate of the therapist is not provided at all, the license for medical activities at the neuropsychiatric Department available for services only in medical massage and nursing in Pediatrics, with minors in the specified establishment does not contain” – said the investigators.

The SC came to the conclusion that a visit to the kindergarten, located in the same building with psychoneurological Department, which is actually absence of medical personnel, threatening the lives and health of children. The Ministry said that in accordance with paragraph 4 of article 13 of the Federal law of 24.07.1998 N 124-FZ “About the basic guarantees of the rights of the child in the Russian Federation” state or municipal organization, forming social infrastructure for children, cannot enter into a lease if there is a risk of negative consequences for the conditions of detention of children.

In this situation, the head of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee appealed to the head of the government of Irkutsk region Alexander Bitarov with a request to take necessary action. Also a member of IC was asked to consider “the feasibility of replacement by individuals who specified the optimization in the social sphere, their positions.”

In the Irkutsk region found the building where kindergarten pupils are kept with psihbolnymi 20.10.2016

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