Bodaibo city court of the Irkutsk region the sentence on criminal case concerning the employee MO MIA of Russia bodaybinskiy. The guard was beaten teenager and tortured him with a Taser, demanding that the child became an informant and helped convict his mother in the crime.

According to the decision of the Russian Themis the police will be imprisoned for three years. To serve his sentence, he will be in a correctional colony of General regime, according to the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Besides, the condemned is deprived the right to occupy posts of ordinary and commanding structure in system of law enforcement for two years.

It is established that in may 2015, on suspicion of robbery was arrested and taken to the police station the local resident. “While it was still under investigation, in another room, the police conducted illegal questioning her 14-year-old son without the presence of legal representative and of the employee of division on Affairs of minors, – the Prosecutor told Bodaybo S. Kunitsyn. – Beating of a teenager and using a Taser, he tried to knock out of the young man evidence of guilt his mother into committing a crime, causing him multiple injuries”.

Later it turned out that the woman is innocent, and the statement about the robbery was withdrawn, writes “MK Irkutsk”.

Bodaibo on the investigative Department of SK Russian Federation on the instructions of the public Prosecutor filed against the police criminal case. This was done with consideration of materials of operative-investigative activities, collected by the staff of the regional FSB office in Bodaibo.

The guard was found guilty under paragraph “a, b” part 3 article 286 of the criminal code (“abuse of authority by the unlawful use of violence to minors and entering into the dwelling of his family”). A police officer was threatened with a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. However, the court appointed him to the minimum term.

The Prosecutor this indicates that the choice of sentence took into account a number of aggravating circumstances: the age of the victim (14 years), the number of inflicted injuries, the relationship of the defendant with the offense (police did not admit guilt).

The defense has appealed the verdict.

And in a press-service GU MVD of Russia in the Irkutsk region said that if the fault of the police will be proven in court, he will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative grounds.

In Ekaterinburg judge the head of the Department of police and his subordinates who tortured detainees

A similar criminal case came to court in the Sverdlovsk region. There in the dock were five officers: the chief of the police Department N29 Zarechnyy Alexander Dubrovin, his Deputy Andrei Merkuryev, head of the criminal investigation Department Abay Mamanov, senior officer of this Department, Eduard Udartsev and head of Department of criminal investigation Department “Tavdinsky” Anatoly Kurylenko. They are suspended from duty during the investigation, reports “Interfax”.

According to investigators, in 2014, police Department Zarechnyy detained three local residents, having nothing to do with the murder, which was investigated by employees of the RF IC. Kurylenko, Dubrovin, Merkuryev and Udartsev bound detainee handcuffed and beaten, he confessed to the murder. With another detainee, Merkuryev and Udartsev acted the same way. In addition, Kurylenko, Merkuryev Mamanov and beat another man who suffered a ruptured spleen.

Unable to stand the torture, one of the innocent citizens he incriminated himself.

None of the police officers did not admit guilt. The indictment in the case was approved by the Prosecutor’s office by March 1, 2016. However, the materials five times transferred from one court to another for various reasons. For example, judges of the Beloyarskiy court where the case was transferred to another jurisdiction, recused himself under article 62 of the criminal procedure code (“the inadmissibility of the participation in the proceedings on the criminal case of persons subject to allotment”).

The accused is charged under article 286 (“Excess of powers of office with application of violence and threat of violence”), article 285 (“Abuse of powers”), article 33, article 303 (“Aiding and abetting in the falsification of evidence in a criminal case”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Wednesday, October 5, the criminal case began to be considered in Top-Isetsky district court of Ekaterinburg.

In the Irkutsk region police, torture vybivanii from student testimony against his mother received 3 years in prison 05.10.2016

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