The head of the Ivanovo region Pavel Konkov announced on Tuesday, November 8, a day of mourning for the victims of the gas explosion in a residential building in Ivanovo, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the regional government.

According to RIA “Novosti”, the investigators found the epicenter of the explosion that caused the collapse of part of a two-storey house on the street of Minsk in the morning of 6 November. The explosion occurred in an apartment on the ground floor. Version about the leak of household gas remains basic.

Experts of”Moskovsky Komsomolets” believe that the causes of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of six people, including a child, were the negligence of the management company and the gaps in the legislation.

The superintendent obliged, at least once a year to verify the correct operation of the gas equipment, the Deputy Executive Director of NP “housing Control” Sergey Suhanov, but there are some nuances that allow the utilities to escape responsibility. First, the superintendent shall be liable only for obschedomovoe equipment, secondly, to walk on the floors and smell the smell of gas utilities should not.

Housing and communal services “the guarantor-Service”, which serviced the two floors collapsed, had a house in the office only in July last year from the previous management company lost the license. According to published reports, during this time, the repair of community equipment has been spent 22 thousand rubles, and for the maintenance and repair of systems in-house gas equipment – not a penny.

To establish whether there had been, as expected, inspection of gas pipes in the destroyed house, only a consequence. And while the Ivanovo officials advise residents, frightened by the tragedy to smear the gas pipes in their homes with foam. “If you want to find the leak, apply soap foam on a suspicious place. Where the gas escapes, the bubbles will be visible”, – stated in the recommendations.

Explosion of household gas in a two-story brick trichodesmium house in Ivanovo occurred at 04:15 on Sunday. The explosion occurred in one of the apartments on the second floor, shattering the Central part of the house. According to the MOE, was hit by a construction in two apartments on the second floor and the roof of the building.

Six people were killed, including four-year-old girl. Four people were hospitalized with serious injuries. The surviving part of the house decided to carry.

In the Ivanovo region declared mourning for those killed in the explosion of an apartment house 07.11.2016

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