The foreign Ministry of Japan said that Tokyo was not discussed with Russia the option of joint management by the Islands of the South Kuril Islands. TASS Monday, October 17, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

“The position of Japan, which involves the issue of the ownership of the four Islands and conclude a peace Treaty remains unchanged”, – said the Agency, thereby refuting appeared in the Japanese media information on this subject.

On Monday, the newspaper Nikkei reported that the Japanese government plans to offer Russia the option of joint control of the Islands of the South Kuril Islands as a step to final resolution of long-standing territorial dispute.

As mentioned in the article, the Japanese version implies that “the parties in this case can not abandon their principled positions concerning sovereignty in these territories”. According to the newspaper, Moscow could already be informed about the availability of such a proposal from Tokyo.

The southern part of the Kuril Islands were incorporated into the Soviet Union following the Second world war, however, Tokyo has for several decades challenged their identity. The territorial dispute prevents the conclusion of a bilateral peace Treaty. At the same time, a state of war between the two countries was discontinued in 1956 with the signing of the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration, which allowed to restore diplomatic and economic relations.

The parties then could not agree on the border, however, the document contained a provision stating that the Soviet Union as a gesture of good will ready to give the neighbor Shikotan and Habomai, but only after signing a peace Treaty. Any obligations regarding the majority of the South Kuril Islands, Kunashir and Iturup, the Soviet Union itself did not take.

In the Japanese foreign Ministry has denied reports that Tokyo and Moscow are going to work together to manage the Kuril Islands 17.10.2016

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